Industries & Processes

Industries & Processes

Find out about our expertise in solutions for different industries and processes

Fields of Application

CIDEON ensures a continuous data flow along the process chains and thus makes data available and economically usable throughout the company. Use the full potential of digitalization for yourself and your customers. Our industry-related services at a glance.  

Plant Construction

More innovative, more complex, in ever shorter time and always customer-oriented - the requirements for product development in plant engineering remain high. CIDEON supports companies with powerful software and process digitalization along the value chain.


End-to-end data-based manufacturing, the so-called "smart factory," is a prime example of Industry 4.0, but new technology is not the end of the story. Digitalization also affects related processes. CIDEON offers holistic solutions and answers. 

Design Offices

The digitalization of design leads to increasingly faster and often parallel project work. CIDEON supports design offices with state-of-the-art software and the use of time- and cost-efficient configurators and design methods.

Mechanical Engineering

More efficient development, faster production - that's what mechanical engineering stands for today. Standardized processes, continuous data processing and networking are the drivers behind this. CIDEON provides the intelligent solutions for this. Convince yourself.

Metal Construction

The future of metal construction is found in Building Information Modeling (BIM). The advantages are obvious: better quality, faster realization, lower costs. CIDEON supports this transformation with state-of-the-art software and process consulting.