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Speed up your product development with PDM and PLM. Connect your data and processes with PDM software and control all important information along the entire product life cycle with PLM solutions.

PDM and PLM Solutions for your Company

With Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), you can optimize the handling of product-related data. By connecting data, processes and people, you can improve product quality and reduce your costs. With the help of PDM and PLM software, you can accelerate the time to market of your developments in the long term. Cideon offers you PDM/PLM consulting, support during implementation and a wide range of services!

PDM vs. PLM - Definition and Differences

With Product Data Management (PDM), you can manage all relevant engineering and product data as well as related processes during the development of new or updating of existing products. This not only makes your planning and engineering stage faster, but also more efficient. PDM software offers a centralized solution for managing engineering and BOM data centrally. PDM systems guarantee professional change management, reliable document management and transparent versioning and revisioning at all times.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) extends well beyond the mere management of data and information generated directly during planning and engineering and aims to capture every single phase of the product lifecycle to make it more efficient. PLM incorporates all data and processes managed via PDM - such as production planning, manufacturing, sales, after-sales and fulfillment. In practice, there is no PLM without PDM. A PLM solution is based on a PDM system and therefore enables the efficient management and control of data and processes along the entire product life cycle. With PLM, you automate all processes in your value chain.

Cideon: Your Partner for PLM and PDM Software, Consulting and Implementation

In cooperation with its long-standing partners Autodesk, SAP, Dassault Systèmes and PROCAD, Cideon offers in-depth expertise and first-class solutions for the various application scenarios of your data management.

Product Data Management (PDM)

Data management made easy: with Product Data Management Software, you can significantly and sustainably reduce the time required to manage engineering data. A central solution for processing all product-related information and engineering processes is central to the system function - all in one place.

Your Advantages with PDM Software

Improved Collaboration

Improve your collaboration with PDM software. Use functions for quick data approval, file version control and the transparency of changes.

Simplified Engineering Processes

Simplify your engineering processes with PDM software by automating change requests or BOM creation. Benefit from application integrations, especially to support 3D designs.

Extended CAD Data Management

PDM solutions can be used not only to manage CAD data, but also to optimize workflows and processes throughout the entire product development process.


Reduced Margin of Error

Save your product and process data centrally in the PDM system. This eliminates the risk of data loss, duplicate files and contradictory versions. This not only saves valuable time, but also reduces costs thanks to reduced administrative work and post-processing.

Faster Planning

Use the PDM system as a knowledge database and reuse already known information for future product developments.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM software is based on PDM solutions and enables efficient management as well as control of data and processes. These are stored in a central location and are available to all project members. PLM covers the entire product life cycle, from the initial concept to the end of a product's lifespan. The aim of PLM software is to increase productivity within the company along the entire value chain.

Your Advantages with PLM Software

Speed up the Time to Market

Thanks to constant access to product data across locations and departments, you can increase productivity and shorten the project life cycle.

Reduce Costs

Automate your product development and manufacturing processes with a PLM system and thereby reduce your costs.

Improve Product Development

Use a PLM system to transmit only the data that meets the required standard of quality to the engineering department, enabling engineering improvements to be made at an early stage of product development.

Improve Innovative Strength

With PLM systems, you can digitize and automate your processes and reduce the number of manual steps that were previously necessary. Create more freedom and capacity for further innovations.

More Satisfied Customers

Transparent and standardized processes increase the quality of products and services. Use Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to increase not only your customers' satisfaction but also your own reputation.

Increase Capacity

Increase your capacities for further projects with PLM by sustainably reducing non-value-adding activities such as the acquisition, review and distribution of information.

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PLM Consulting and Implementation

Cideon offers you extensive consulting and support for the introduction of PLM software in your company and is always at your service as a reliable partner afterwards. Benefit from our many years of experience from a large number of successfully implemented PLM projects, our agile approach and our close partnership with market-leading software manufacturers.

Analysis & Consulting

Together with you, we examine your existing systems and processes and discuss possible potential for improvement. Based on this, our team of experts will work out a detailed plan for implementing a PLM system tailored to your individual requirements.


The implementation of your new PLM solution is carried out step by step and in close coordination with important stakeholders from your company. In doing so, we ensure precise integration into existing systems (ERP, CAD, etc.) and guarantee that your day-to-day business runs smoothly.

Support & Optimization

After implementation, our support solutions ensure the full operability and availability of your PLM system - regardless of whether your company uses SAP PLM, Autodesk Vault or PRO.FILE. We also take care of adapting your PLM system to new requirements if necessary.

Software Solutions for PLM & PDM

Accelerate your product development with efficient product data and product lifecycle management software. PLM and PDM software enables companies to organize data, optimize processes, boost collaboration and ensure quality. Discover popular PLM and PDM software solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.

PLM / PDM Use Cases

Change Management

With the help of a PDM system, you can manage structural changes or save and optimize the workflows of various processes - quickly, effectively and efficiently. Cideon offers professional solutions for all user scenarios in change management.

Document Management

Do you already manage your data and processes with a professional PDM system? Then transfer this idea to the management and control of all product data along the entire life cycle with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Process Integration

Processes combined with end-to-end data consistency promise greater project success. Find out more about the individual Cideon solutions for process integration and the associated benefits for your project success.


BOM Management

Automatically creating, updating and managing bill of materials accelerates your project. Cideon supports you in connecting PDM/PLM to ERP. Find out more about the individual Cideon solutions for BOM management.


Versioning & Revisioning

Take advantage of the single source of truth (SSoT) of a PDM/PLM system and manage large volumes of documents including metadata along the entire value chain.

Product Development

Configure project templates and standardize phase-gate milestones, deliverables and tasks by product line, business unit, product team or other criteria.


Improve and intensify collaboration - across teams and with your partners and service providers along the entire product development process.

Are you Already on the Way to a Digital Factory?

The digital factory, also known as the “smart factory”, integrates modern technologies to optimize production processes. Automation, optimal collaboration, connected systems and real-time data enable more efficient production, quality control and resource utilization, resulting in increased productivity. Discover all the benefits of the digital factory now and find out how we can support you on the road to a smart factory.

Optimize Your Spare Parts Management

Ensuring a reliable supply of the right spare parts is crucial for success in the machine building and plant construction industry. Discover how Cideon can help you establish an efficient spare parts management system, optimizing your inventory, reducing downtime, and keeping your operations running smoothly. Learn more about our expert solutions for spare parts management today!

FAQ About PDM and PLM

PDM is short for Product Data Management and refers to the management of all relevant engineering and product data as well as processes and people in the concept and engineering phase.

A PDM system is a technical solution with which you manage engineering and product data as well as processes and people.

Product Data Management (PDM) is a central solution for handling all product-related information and engineering processes. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) expands on this and enables the management and control of data as well as processes along the entire product lifecycle - from the initial concept to the end of the product's life.

A PDM system works similar to an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). PDM systems, e.g. Autodesk Vault, are compatible with common existing data management solutions. They capture, store and manage all important information from concept and engineering, such as master data, bill of materials, engineering drawings or CAD models.

PDM systems are the technological basis for efficient product data management. They enable consistent data, streamlined processes and better collaboration in product development.

Yes, a PDM system enables professional change management during product development.

Yes, PDM systems guarantee company-wide professional management of all required documents, e.g. CAD models, drawings, calculations, office management data or specification and test report data, during product development.

A PDM system automatically synchronizes tasks, lists and project structures with the information they hold. The system therefore supports you, for example, in generating bill of materials, maintaining BOM information and comparing BOMs from mechanical and electrical engineering.

As a factory operator, product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) are essential for efficiently managing the entire product lifecycle and optimizing operational processes.

PDM systems such as Autodesk Vault Professional are suitable for the secure management and audit-proof archiving of your project data. With structured document storage and supporting functions for Inventor Factory Design Utilities, transparent and efficient data management is also created throughout the entire planning and archiving process. In addition, we offer interfaces to the Autodesk Construction Cloud, which supports you from design and planning through to construction and operation of your factory. 

With a PDM system, you can improve the management of engineering and product-related data. This allows you to store all required data centrally, secure it, assign permissions and track individual files or revisions.

Yes, PDM solutions offer functionalities for parallel development at different locations (simultaneous engineering) using managed or direct access options.

Yes, the most common PDM systems rely on the scalability of customer-specific requirements and solutions.

There is a large number of PDM systems available. CIDEON is an Autodesk and SAP Platinum Partner and cooperates with other market-leading providers. We will gladly advise you on the selection and implementation of a solution tailored to your needs for efficient product data management.

The requirements for efficient product data management are very individual and are covered by a large number of systems on the market. CIDEON will be happy to advise you on the selection and implementation of a solution for an efficient Product Data Management/PDM system tailored to your needs.

Yes, with our various CIDEON interfaces you can connect all common ERP systems with the respective PDM systems.

Yes, we offer decades of expertise as a system integrator and process consultant and enable the fast and flexible handling, implementation and use of your data.

With product lifecycle management (PLM), you can control all data flows and processes completely digitally right from the start. The result is an increase in speed and improved control of company-wide processes - throughout the entire product lifecycle: from the initial idea to concepts, manufacturing and supply through to maintenance and finally disassembly and recycling. All data and processes can be automatically forwarded to all project participants.

With PLM, you create better offers, increase your company's innovative strength, create more capacities, increase your response times and accelerate projects. The result: You gain more satisfied customers.

First of all, it should be analyzed whether the current processes are being followed as they were defined. After the transition, processes will only exist digitally and only allow variations within the specified framework. An agile, iterative approach is also advisable in order to be able to react to initial experiences. You should always maintain a certain degree of flexibility in the project. It helps to focus on the most important processes and to optimize and digitalize these first. Of course, all stakeholders should be involved, as the project owners know their processes best. In addition, transparent communication of the goals and benefits is essential in order to motivate employees and get them on board.

Your company can use two simple tools to determine which processes have the greatest need for optimization and the greatest impact on economic success. On the one hand, you can identify pain points and potential for improvement. Which processes cause the greatest difficulties and consume the most time? You should also set targets at management level. The implementation of PLM initiatives involves stakeholders with different roles who are all interdependent. For business growth and success, a common understanding of goals and systematic collaboration is required.

Cideon Conify


Software Solution for a Consistent Configuration Process

Cideon Conify consistently links data from the sales and engineering phases to automatically provide PDM-compliant MCAD and ECAD data of the configured product. This is the basis for the subsequent engineering-to-order and the creation of ERP-specific parts lists, work plans, circuit diagrams and production processes according to customer requirements, so that individual products can be created quickly and in accordance with specifications.

Main advantages:

  • Automate daily tasks when processing configurable products
  • Consistent data quality
  • Ensure uniform standards for everyone involved in the process
  • Combination in a mechatronic parts list

Cideon Conify is the ideal combination of CONnection and CONfiguration!

Cideon Consulting⁺

Good service – without any compromises!

Unleash your maximum potential in your daily work with your CAD and PDM systems with our consulting and service subscription. The complete service package offers you permanent and proactive expert support, a flat rate for our standardized software training courses (in the german language), consulting, installation, customer care and much more – all included in a fixed price.

Collaboration - Optimal Cooperation Along The Entire Product Life Cycle

Ensure that all employees and also external stakeholders can access up-to-date and correct information. With fast and reliable document exchange and efficient management of projects, you can significantly optimize your processes and increase efficiency. 

Learn more about optimized collaboration in mechanical and plant engineering.


Cideon Support

Quality, speed, and reliability in engineering are critical to your success. Comprehensive services are just as important as dedicated specialists and powerful software solutions.

Cideon Support offers you fast and uncomplicated answers to your questions, detailed insights into products and solutions as well as helpful tips and tricks.

Go one step further with Managed Services: With this service, we monitor your CAD/PDM/PLM environment and ensure the long-term operational reliability of your software. This ensures that your systems are always up to date and ready for use, giving you the peace of mind that your software is consistently maintained and optimized.

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