Data Management made easy.

Solutions PLM PDM

Product data management (PDM) and Product lifecycle management (PLM). Fast product development from efficient data processing. PDM and PLM systems and software from CIDEON.


Data Management made easy.

Use a PDM system to manage and automate all relevant production information, product data and process steps during the design and construction phase. You then get an overview of changes, documents, BOMs, processes as well as individual version statuses.

PLM extends PDM systems by creating, processing and utilizing data and information throughout the product lifecycle. CIDEON works together with long-term partners Autodesk, SAP, Dassault Systèmes and PROCAD to provide many years of expertise and first-class (software) solutions for the wide range of application scenarios for your data management.

Solutions PDM PLM


Use product data management systems (PDM systems) to significantly and sustainably reduce the time required to manage design data. The core system function handles all product-related information and design processes together in one place.



Product lifecycle management systems (PLM systems) build on PDM systems and enable efficient management and control of data and processes throughout the entire product lifecycle, from concept to the product's end of life.

Data and information are accessible within the company without redundancy and in real time. The goal is the same regardless of whether the system is "on-prem", i.e. stationary, or cloud-based: to increase productivity within the company along the entire value chain.




Use Cases

Change Management

With the help of a PDM system you can manage constructive changes or save and optimize the sequences of diverse processes - quickly, effectively and efficiently. CIDEON offers professional solutions for all user scenarios in change management.

Document Management

Do you already manage your data and processes with a professional PDM system? Then transfer this idea to the management and control of all product data along the complete lifecycle with a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).



Process Integration

Processes combined with end-to-end data consistency promise more project success. Learn more about the individual CIDEON solutions for process integration and the associated benefits for your project success. <br></div>

BOM Managmenet

Automatically create, update and manage BOMs accelerates your project. CIDEON supports you in connecting PDM/PLM to ERP. Learn more about the individual CIDEON solutions around BOM management.

Versioning & Revisioning

Take advantage of the Single Source of Truth (SSoT) of a PDM/PLM system and manage large volumes of documents including metadata along the entire value chain. 

Collaboration - optimal cooperation along the entire product life cycle

Ensure that all employees and also external stakeholders can access up-to-date and correct information. With fast and reliable document exchange and efficient management of projects, you can significantly optimize your processes and increase efficiency. 

Learn more about optimized collaboration in mechanical and plant engineering.

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