Optimize the Construction Methodology

Use the full potential of your CAD system and increase your engineering efficiency with design guidelines and CAD standards. We help you to utilize the full potential of your CAD system and create change stability and traceability.

Optimize CAD Construction Methodology with CAD Experience

Extensive use of CAD functionality and consistent design methodologies ensure consistent, high-quality, reusable CAD data. With CAD Experience you optimize the way your engineering department work and increase the quality of the design.

Create a New CAD Standard with Uniform Design Guidelines

CAD Experience means that you fully utilize the available functions and tools of your CAD system to achieve more effective and higher quality results. You create change stability to ensure the integrity of your models, as well as traceability to document the steps of the creation process and optimize the collaboration of all parties involved. The basis for this is an adapted design methodology, high-performance assemblies and effective part reuse. Further building blocks can be calculations and simulations that ensure greater quality in design.

For both successful product development and subsequent order processing, it is crucial to master the software system with its diverse CAD functions. To achieve this, the possibilities of the system must be recognized and utilized. One key point here is the uniform design methodology with standardized components and parts as well as adapted standard and purchased parts libraries - including the necessary documentation. Tolerance analyses, checking 3D models for specifications and simulations are further, but not exhaustive, aspects of your CAD experience.

CAD automation is another important area that complements and optimizes your CAD experience. Automation tools and scripts can be used to automate repetitive tasks, which not only saves time, but also reduces errors and improves the consistency of your design processes.

Put your trust in our many years of experience in the CAD sector and let us advise you. We will be happy to help you develop and implement effective and practical design guidelines that will be used as the new CAD standard throughout your company.


CAD Design Challenges

Powerful software is not enough to solve design challenges. You also need to get the most out of your CAD capabilities to meet the challenges of your day-to-day business. Do you know these situations?

Time and Budget Pressures

Customers expect low prices and fast delivery. The design must therefore be implemented on time and within the specified budget.

Faulty Design

Errors in the design must be found and corrected in a time-consuming process. If they are discovered too late, the result is costly rework.


An end-to-end configuration process links the various disciplines in your company. Save time and resources and develop your products across mechanical and electrical engineering.

Extensive Training

New employees need to learn about different projects and understand different processes or construction methods - a lot of time goes by before they can be productive.

Benefits of CAD Experience

There are good reasons why you should rely on CAD Experience! Discover them here:

Efficient Design

Your design benefits, for example, from defined standards and design methods, part reuse and high-performance assemblies. Change stability and traceability allow fast and correct adjustments.

Error Minimization

The system automatically checks for compliance with design guidelines and specifications - no incomplete and misleading CAD documents leading to errors and queries.

Production Optimization

Standardizing CAD data allows parts reduction and manufacturing conformity. By meeting the corresponding specifications, the manufacturing process is accelerated and the error rate is minimized.

Quality Improvement

Consistent standards and automated testing lead to a significant increase in design quality and early error detection.

Familiarization and Collaboration Made Easy

Clear, written specifications and consistent procedures make it easy for the design team to work together. This makes it much easier to hand off tasks to other employees or even new colleagues.

Time Saving All Along the Line

Whether through the elimination of time-consuming model checks, the minimization of errors, more efficient production or faster training, the time required throughout the entire process is significantly reduced.

Engineering Automation

Design individual product variants fully automatically with Engineering Automation. As a software service package, Engineering Automation combines simple user guidance with the right engineering tool to create an automated solution. Discover different approaches and solutions to support you in the digitalization of your product development.

Simple component standards

Easily define component standards for your team with Autodesk Inventor Parametric. Always use the same database for parametric components. Make optimum use of your CAD system - without additional investment.

Parametric models

Use Autodesk Inventor Scripting iLogic and expand your parametric models into intelligent and flexible design templates with product logic - easy to use as it is seamlessly integrated into the software solution.


Visual product configuration

Use Autodesk Platform Services Engineering Automation models in your product configurator in the cloud and create customized documents for your partners and customers.

Rule-based automation

Rely on rule-based automation from the design to the individual part drawing. Achieve greater productivity in engineering and accuracy in the quotation and order process.

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Autodesk CAD Software

Realize your projects with Autodesk CAD software - the industry leader for faster and better results.  With Inventor or AutoCAD, Cideon offers two popular CAD programs.

FAQ about CAD Experience

CAD Experience is a comprehensive solution for maximizing productivity in the CAD system. It supports engineers in exploiting the full potential of their CAD system, creating change stability and ensuring traceability throughout the entire design process.

The use of standardized design methods by CAD Experience ensures high-quality, reusable CAD data. This promotes the efficiency of the engineering department and increases the overall quality of the design.

CAD Experience addresses challenges such as time and budget pressure, faulty designs, ambiguities in the configuration process and the extensive training of new employees in various projects.

CAD Experience provides effective solutions to these challenges by making design more efficient, minimizing errors, optimizing production, improving quality and facilitating training and collaboration.

CAD Experience offers numerous advantages, including efficient design through defined standards and design methods, error minimization through automatic checking of design guidelines, production optimization through standardization of CAD data, increased quality and easier training and collaboration within the design team.

By using CAD Experience, the entire process is optimized, resulting in considerable time savings. This includes the elimination of time-consuming model checks, error minimization, more efficient production and faster training of new team members.

With Engineering Automation, you can design individual product variants automatically and thus accelerate your processes along the entire value chain. By automating your engineering processes at an early stage, you minimize your expenses in sales and after sales.

At the "push of a button", you can scale your designs in quotation and order creation. The starting point is Autodesk Inventor to create parameterized components as well as standard components and part families. In the next expansion stage, Inventor iLogic generates rule-based component, assembly and drawing documents. The highest productivity gains are generated by the subsequent use of further sophisticated automation tools.

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Cideon advises and supports companies in optimizing their product development processes - from conception and engineering to production and service. We stand for:

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Benefit from customized solutions with Cideon software and interfaces. Integrative, powerful and perfectly tailored to your individual daily business needs.


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Transform your digital requirements into corporate (added) value. We simplify your processes, map them digitally and make them economically viable - across functions and divisions throughout the entire product development process.  

International Cooperation

Trust in a strong group of companies. Cideon is part of the family-owned, globally active Friedhelm Loh Group and is based on the principles of customer-oriented and sustainable corporate management.

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