Performance Specification Software Service

Performance Specification Software Service

1. About us

CIDEON offers you advice and support for introducing innovations and optimizing engineering processes to increase your efficiency, the benefits you bring to your customers and the value of your company. Our assessments incorporate the different areas of your design department and the management and maintenance of your product data, up to and including its integration into your merchandise planning and control system.

CIDEON is an Autodesk Platinum Partner in the German-speaking region, a PROCAD partner, a Platinum Build Partner of SAP SE and a software partner of Dassault Systèmes.

CIDEON employs around 300 members of staff at its 15 locations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is part of the Friedhelm Loh Group, where it provides its mechanical and mechatronic expertise and ERP/PLN integration knowledge under the slogan „CIDEON - efficient engineering“. CIDEON is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015.   

2. Requirements

  • Concluded maintenance agreement  

3. Performance Specification

Our software is continuously updated and developed according to the current technical requirements of the market. Following the conclusion of a maintenance agreement, our customers benefit from software maintenance (updates, etc.), documentation and new product releases.

We receive your support queries for our CIDEON standard software through the web-based ticket system in the CIDEON Service Portal (

3.1 Services included

Access to the CIDEON Software Portal providing access to the standard version of the current software

  • Regular new versions of and updated documentation for our standard software

Access to the CIDEON Service Portal to create support queries (tickets).

A central contact person for

  • Questions and suggestions with regard to the ongoing development of the standardsoftware 
  • Questions with regard to the scope of the product portfolio
  • Questions with regard to the scope and date of new releases
  • Questions with regard to the documentation for the products

Product support for reporting problems and errors while

  • Using the standard software
  • Installing and distributing the standard software through installation packages provided by CIDEON

3.2 Services not included
  •  Consulting queries (methodology and operating principles)
  • Issues related to the processing logic of the software or the configuration
  • Issues related to administration or fine-tuning (performance) of the systems in question
  • Issues related to errors that were caused by a modification to the system (for instance, due to the customer´s own internal developments, reconfigurations, etc.) 
  • Questions related to identified errors due to problems caused by third-party software

4. How to contact us

As a basic principle, contact between the customer and CIDEON is made through the CIDEON Service Portal (

Once a ticket is created (a message is sent) by the customer, there may also be contact by telephone while processing the ticket so that CIDEON can further clarify the issue if necessary. CIDEON may also provide remote support.   

5. Service hours

Regular working days from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (CET/MEZ) in the German state of Saxony apply as the regular service hours.  

6. Customer´s duty to cooperate

The customer is obligated to actively cooperate in solving the reported problems and constraints; in particular, this includes:


  • Ensuring that any customer employees who are required to solve the problem can be reached (by e-mail or telephone), for example: designers, customer IT, CAD/PDM/PLM administrators, SAP Basis administrators
  • Contributing any requested information that is required to find a solution, such as error messages, screen shots, log files, information about patch levels, and so on
  • Being ready to implement the solutions proposed by CIDEON to eliminate errors based on the instructions (from the ticket, e-mail or telephone)
  • Where necessary, securing permission for and providing remote access to the customer systems, along with the necessary authorizations

(Date: November 2019)

previous version of the Software Service Specification:


  • September 2017 (pdf)