Mechatronic Bill of Materials

Connect your bill of materials from mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid and electrical engineering. Benefit from a uniform, consistent mechatronic bill of materials. Rely on CIDEON's many years of experience and consult us now!

Mechatronic Bill of Materials: MCAD And ECAD Combined

Merge your electrical and mechanical engineering and create a common, redundancy-free mechatronic bill of materials. It serves as a single data source for all involved areas such as procurement, operations scheduling and manufacturing - process-compliant and free of duplicates.

Combine Your MCAD And ECAD BOMs - For a Seamless Collaboration

Although the importance of the interdisciplinary mechatronic approach is undoubted, everyday work often looks different. During product development, both a bill of materials in MCAD and in ECAD are created. These exist side by side, sometimes complementing each other, sometimes overlapping. There is no single data source that can be accessed by all the people and departments involved.


Challenges in Creating Bills of Materials

There is a large number of departments that work with item lists and bill of materials to fulfill their tasks, such as cost estimation, work preparation or procurement. Do you know the challenges associated with this process?

One Task - Two Bills of Materials

Although only one order is involved, two bills of materials exist in your company - one from mechanical engineering and one from electrical engineering.

Maintenance and Comparison of two Bills of Materials

Your employees work with these two independent bills of materials and have to check and compare them repeatedly.

Manual Matching

The two bills of materials are merged manually - this not only takes a lot of time, but also involves an enormous risk of error with high follow-up costs.

Lack of Transparency

The exchange of BOM data is irregular and incomplete. The interaction between mechanics, electrics and hydraulics is hardly reproducible - especially when changes are made.

Data Quality up, Costs Down

The interaction between mechanical and electrical systems leads to increasingly complex data amounts which have to be optimally coordinated to each other. An efficient value chain can only be generated with consistent data, and the bill of materials plays an important role here because it ensures the seamless flow of information within the company.

In order to obtain a redundancy-free order list for the subsequent processes, the MCAD and ECAD bill of materials must therefore be reconciled - the result is the mechatronic bill of materials or "Engineering bill of material (eBOM)".

Along the way, the first step is BOM recognition, which determines whether the BOM comes from mechanics (MeBOM) or from electrics (EeBOM). In the second step, the components are classified to find out which MCAD component is also ECAD-relevant.

Now a BOM matching takes place and a common mechatronic BOM is created. A vital aspect in this process is the question of how duplicates can be prevented, but at the same time ensuring that no components are overlooked during the procurement process. Likewise, it can be guaranteed that all engineering domains have incorporated the same item.

Advantages of a Mechatronic Bill of Materials

The advantages for a mechatronic bill of materials are clear.

Unique Bill of Materials

All parties involved work with the shared bill of materials of mechanics and electrics and can rely on the redundancy-free information.

Best Possible Collaboration

Employees at all stages of the engineering project are ideally supported and collaboration with other departments is significantly improved.

Optimal ERP Data

Consistent data is stored in the ERP system, data quality increases and duplicates are history. The entire article list and bill of materials process is optimized and leads to an increase in quality in all areas - from product development and order processing to procurement and service.

Time and Cost Savings

Possible sources of errors are identified at an early stage and expensive follow-up work is prevented. The elimination of manual work and the correct, single database saves valuable time in the project lifecycle. Your valuable engineers can get back to work on innovative solutions and you can deliver the resulting products to your customers faster.

CIDEON Workshops For Mechatronics & BOMs

Our mechatronics & BOM workshops are standardized consulting methods for MCAD and ECAD. We help you to identify your potentials and to develop an overall solution to master your challenging mechatronic requirements.
The workshops focus on identifying your potential based on current and future desired working methods, the targeted development of an overall solution and its comprehensible presentation.

CIDEON Mechatronic Discovery

This workshop provides a comprehensive and cross-functional analysis of the processes along your value chain. Based on your current business model, your optimization and digitization potentials are identified.

A transparent process development and definition of the electrotechnical and mechanical bill of materials follows this analysis. Here, change and release management are examined in more detail, as well as the clearing and synchronization of your parts databases.

CIDEON Mechatronic BOM Scoping

In this workshop, your processes and requirements in the area of articles and bill of materials will be recorded. The CIDEON solution concepts will be presented and your customer-specific target processes will be worked out. Following this we will present our solution proposal, including a concrete project offer.

The target image to be realized is realized in the form of software implementation and service. This is followed by a run-through of a representative customer project, as well as corresponding training measures.

CIDEON Mechatronic BOM - Video

Data quality up, costs down - unite your MCAD and ECAD with a mechatronic bill of materials! Get to know our workshop packages in our video.

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Your Software Solution for a Consistent Configuration Process


CIDEON Conify consistently links data from the sales and engineering phases to automatically provide PDM-compliant MCAD and ECAD data of the configured product. This is the basis for the subsequent Engineering-to-Order and generation of ERP-specific bill of materials, work schedules, wiring diagrams and production processes according to customer requirements, enabling the creation of individual products quickly and according to specifications.

Core Benefits: 

  • Automation of daily tasks in the processing of configurable products
  • Consistent data quality
  • Ensure consistent standards for all process participants
  • Merging into one mechatronic BOM


CIDEON Conify is the ideal combination of CONnection and CONfiguration!

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Transform your digital requirements into corporate (added) value. We simplify your processes, map them digitally and make them economically viable - across functions and divisions throughout the entire product development process.  

International Cooperation

Place your trust in a strong group of companies. CIDEON is part of the family-run, globally active Friedhelm Loh Group and is guided by the principles of customer-focused and sustainable corporate management. 

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Managed Services take us one step further: This service enables us to maintain an overview of your CAD/PDM/PLM environment and thus ensure your software's long-term operational reliability. You can then always be sure that your systems are always up to date and operable.

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