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Easily connect data and systems.

CIDEON Interfaces for Autodesk, EPLAN, PRO.FILE and SAP

CIDEON interface solutions access ERP, PLM, PDM and CAD systems and prepare data in a transparent way. For example, CAD or ECAD data can be merged with SAP or Vault. Automatically synchronizing the information and backing it up centrally eliminates duplicates and incorrect entries, and speeds up and simplifies data tasks.

Seamlessly Connect CAD, PDM/PLM and ERP Systems

An interface between CAD and PDM/PLM systems enables you to seamlessly manage assemblies, components and drawings including dependent documents. Your CAD users can work in their familiar environment and load related original files directly for display or editing via the integrated PDM/PLM menu.

If you integrate your PDM system with your ERP system, you can also assign materials to the design documents and automatically derive bills of materials. This always guarantees uniform data structures for all persons involved in the development.

Find out more about our interface solutions for Autodesk, EPLAN, PRO.FILE and SAP here or contact us directly. We support you in the selection of interfaces, implementation, configuration and much more.


Our Interfaces


With the CIDEON 3DX xPDM – SAP Interface you use a proven state-of-the-art solution for information and process synchronisation between 3DEXPERIENCE and SAP.


Connect ECAD and CAM data with CIDEON interface EPLAN PRO.File Integration and incorporate data management across the entire product life cycle.

PDM – CloudCAD

CIDEON interface SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional – S/4 HANA Cloud Integration connects SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud or to S/4 OnPremise.

CloudCAD – SAP

Use CIDEON Cloud CAD Integration for SAP PLM as an effective interface to connect cloud-based CAD data with SAP.

Vault Professional – ERP

CIDEON interface Vault – ERP integrates product data (PDM system) into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This will improve collaboration within the product development process.

Vault Professional – SAP

CIDEON interface Vault Professional – SAP PLM speeds up synchronization of data and processes from PDM to PLM, and vice versa.

Vault Professional - EPLAN

Combine process data using CIDEON Vault Professional Integration for EPLAN and bridge the gap between electrical engineering, fluid power and mechanical engineering.

Software Development

CIDEON software development develops the special solution you need for every individual application.

Our SAP Interfaces

SAP ECTR Interface to AutoCAD

The SAP ECTR Interface to AutoCAD enables seamless integration of AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical product and design data into SAP PLM.

SAP ECTR Interface to Inventor

The SAP ECTR Interface to Inventor enables Inventor product and design data to be seamlessly integrated into SAP PLM.

SAP ECTR Interface to EPLAN Electric P8

The SAP ECTR Interface to EPLAN Electric P8 enables ECAD data to be integrated into SAP and your product models to be completed.

SAP ECTR Interface to Solid Edge

The SAP ECTR Interface to Solid Edge enables seamless integration of CAD and ERP data including across disciplines.


The SAP ECTR Interface to SOLIDWORKS enables assemblies, parts and drawings from SOLIDWORKS to be seamlessly managed as structures in SAP PLM.


Do you want to connect EPLAN with 3DX from Daussault Systèmes? The 3DEXPERIENCE Connector to EPLAN makes it possible. The interface enables direct data exchange between the two systems and therefore supports the product development process.

CIDEON is a software partner of Dassault Systèmes and develops the integration together with its sister company EPLAN.

Learn more about the 3DEXPERIENCE Connector to EPLAN on the following website:


With our interfaces, you are able to successfully respond to the following typical challenges in everyday business:

Lack of Standardization

The change and release processes in the company are not standardized. The current status of design documents is not clear, and unintentional changes to released documents occur.

System Breaks

There is no user management and access control for internal and external collaboration. System breaks in collaboration lead to inefficiencies in the product creation process.

More Time and Errors

Poor or missing process integration in the applications costs a lot of time and leads to errors in daily work.

Your Benefits

With the CIDEON interface solutions, you can significantly increase the quality of your products – and reduce your costs at the same time. You also benefit from the following advantages:

Process Security

Secure processes within and between departments


High range of functions available directly in the standard or through configuration


Optimal benefit with short project duration through standardized integrations

Quality and Actuality

Ensuring data quality and up-to-dateness in all systems


Each user has all relevant information in “his own” system

Data Acquisition without Redundancy

Reduction of effort by avoiding redundant entries

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FAQ About CIDEON Interfaces

CIDEON interface solutions enable an intelligent, seamless and break-free exchange of development-relevant data, such as documents, article and master data or parts lists, between common data management and authoring systems. 

CIDEON interfaces access all common ERP, PLM, PDM or CAD systems and merge the existing information - seamlessly, securely and easily.  

CIDEON interfaces simplify and accelerate data management. Through automatic synchronization and central storage of your project and process data, you avoid incorrect or duplicate entries (duplicates).  

With CIDEON's SAP interfaces you can integrate your product and design data from all common CAD, ECAD and ERP systems.

Yes, with the SAP interface SAP ECTR Interface to AutoCAD you can integrate your AutoCAD data into SAP PLM. 

Yes, with the SAP interface SAP ECTR Interface to Inventor you integrate your Inventor data into SAP PLM. 

Yes, with the SAP interface SAP ECTR Interface to EPLAN Electric P8 you integrate your EPLAN data into SAP PLM. 

Yes, with the SAP interface SAP ECTR Interface to SolidEdge you integrate your SolidEdge data into SAP PLM. 

Yes, with the SAP interface SAP ECTR Interface to SOLIDWORKS you can integrate your SOLIDWORKS D data into SAP PLM. 

Yes, CIDEON interfaces are designed for customer-specific requirements and solutions and can be individually configured. 

Yes! We are and Autodesk and SAP Platinum Partner and have decades of expertise as a system integrator and process consultant. Our experts enable fast and flexible reprocessing, implementation and use of your data. Contact us!

CIDEON Services

Process Consulting

With our process consulting you understand the challenges, derive possible potentials and decide together for more success.


When executing your project, benefit from our decades of consulting and implementation experience.

Software Development

Do your require customized software development? CIDEON provides customized solutions tailored to your processes.


CIDEON Trainings offer a wide range of practice-oriented trainings in different formats on topics like CAD, PDM, BIM and more.


CIDEON Support provides 24/7 support for your CAD, PDM, PLM environment and ensures long-term.

Our Added Values

CIDEON advises and supports companies in optimizing their product development processes - from conception and engineering to manufacturing and service. We stand for:

Decades of Expertise

Rely on decades of practical knowledge in system integration and process consulting. CIDEON understands your business challenges in digital transformation and supports you with unique solutions along the entire value chain.

Customized Engineering

Benefit from customized solutions with CIDEON software and interfaces. Integrative, powerful and perfectly tailored to your individual requirements in day-to-day business.


End-to-End Process Consulting

Transform your digital requirements into corporate (added) value. We simplify your processes, map them digitally and make them economically viable - across functions and divisions throughout the entire product development process.  

International Cooperation

Place your trust in a strong group of companies. CIDEON is part of the family-run, globally active Friedhelm Loh Group and is guided by the principles of customer-focused and sustainable corporate management. 

Our Business Areas

You know your market? We know your industry!

Use our know-how and get more out of your business area. Our industry-specific solutions and products at a glance.

Machine Building

Make development more efficient. Realize production faster.

Plant Construction

Create data consistency. Simplify document and supplier management.


Manage requirements efficiently. Realize individual solutions in series.

Design Offices

Provide flexibility. Leverage customer requirements.

Metal Construction

Simplify construction tasks. Process changes more efficiently. Speed up logistics.


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