Solutions and Software for Plant Construction

Are you looking for consulting, solutions and software for plant construction? We help you to simplify and speed up the planning and construction of your plants with the help of digital processes and technologies.

PDM, PLM, CAM and CAD Software for Plant Construction

Plant construction is currently facing various challenges that can only be overcome with efficient plant engineering software, well thought-out solutions and consistent processes. Take advantage of the potential that digitalization offers in plant engineering and rely on future-proof technologies.

Benefit from Digitalization in Plant Engineering with Efficient and Sustainable Solutions

Demanding logistics, complex change management and a high level of documentation - modern plant construction offers many starting points for further increasing efficiency. Powerful software for plant engineering significantly simplifies your daily work.

CAD software in plant construction enables precise 3D models of industrial plants. This improves planning, engineering and maintenance, optimizes the use of resources and minimizes errors. The virtual representation increases efficiency and safety, which leads to more cost-effective projects.

PDM and PLM also play a central role in plant construction. They enable the efficient management of product information and ensure seamless collaboration throughout the entire life cycle. These systems optimize processes, minimize errors and increase overall efficiency.

Cideon supports you in implementing productivity-enhancing measures with intelligent, digital and sustainable solutions. We implement software for plant construction and also offer individual software development and various consulting services on request. You can rely on our many years of experience!


Challenges in Plant Construction

Plant constructors are currently facing numerous challenges that need to be managed. Above all, the increasing complexity of projects is presenting plant constructors with ever new tasks. The demands on modern production plants are high and often require a large number of different components and systems. In addition, the efficiency of processes and the degree of digitalization are also important in plant construction.


The various areas of plant construction are multi-layered and complex. Whether steel construction, tank construction or piping - each area has its own individual requirements and processes.

Time resources

The realization of process plants is time-consuming. The more complex the requirements, the more time resources are needed.


Piping systems must be documented with the help of suitable systems. The larger the plants, the more complex the systems.

Data transfer

Data transfer for further processing steps is only possible manually and is very time-consuming.

Data inconsistencies

From planning to production documents, data inconsistencies often occur.

Opportunities in Plant Construction

One of the greatest opportunities for plant construction lies in digitalization. Modern technologies and advanced software solutions such as PDM, PLM, CAD and CAM offer the opportunity to increase efficiency, optimize costs and improve the quality of plant development.

Speed Up Logistics

Deliver your construction sites faster and coordinate your trades and suppliers more easily. Use an optimized (digital) plan and workflow through modern and efficient data and process management.

Optimize Change Management

Always be in the best position in the management of changes. Respond quickly and efficiently to the high rate of change. Reduce time and costs through standardized workflows.

Simplify Internationality

Always be well positioned internationally.  Enforce end-to-end documentation and compliance for your business activities along your entire value chain.

Solutions for Plant Construction

From development to service – digitized processes lead to innovative and customer-oriented solutions in plant construction. Discover the most important approaches for optimized plant construction now.

Consistent Data for Seamless Processes

Create true data consistency from engineering to assembly to service with CIDEON. With effective and multiple compatible data management systems, interfaces as well as extensive CAM and CAD software especially for plant manufacturers.

Data Management with PDM and PLM Solutions

Reduce the complexity in your product development sustainably and manage your commercial and technical data more easily than ever before. Modern PDM and PLM solutions enable company-wide document management without system breaks.

Software for Plant Construction

Discover popular CAD, PDM and PLM software solutions for plant construction now.

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FAQ about Software Solutions in Plant Construction

Plant construction faces a diverse range of challenges. These include complex project requirements, strict regulations and cost and time pressure.

The integration of new technologies requires specialized expertise, while global supply chains and geopolitical uncertainties make procurement more difficult. Factors such as sustainability and environmental protection must also be taken into account.

Effective communication, project control and risk management are vital cornerstones for meeting these challenges and delivering successful plant projects.

Digitalization in plant construction offers a whole range of benefits. Innovative technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and artificial intelligence increase efficiency.

Real-time data enables precise planning and maintenance, while the networking of plant components improves overall performance. Digitalization promotes flexibility, reduces costs by optimizing the use of resources and enables improved collaboration through virtual models.

This leads to accelerated development cycles, higher quality and overall increased competitiveness in the constantly changing plant construction environment.

Digitalization in plant construction optimizes processes, increases efficiency and therefore reduces costs. Your company benefits from more precise planning, access to real-time data for more informed decisions, improved maintenance and increased competitiveness in an increasingly digital market environment.

In plant construction, both CAD (computer-aided design) for precise designs and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) for efficient production processes prove their worth.

PDM (Product Data Management) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) seamlessly coordinate data and processes, improve collaboration and ensure consistent product development from conception to production.

These integrated technologies optimize the entire life cycle of plants and promote efficiency and quality improvement in the complex plant construction sector.

Digitalization is changing the work environment in plant construction through automation and data-driven processes. Engineers are using advanced software such as CAD and PLM for precise engineering and efficient collaboration. Artificial intelligence is optimizing maintenance and operation, while smart technologies are improving security.

Overall, digitalization in plant construction promotes innovation, efficiency and creates a future-oriented work culture.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the plant construction sector can master digitalization through step-by-step integration. Investing in affordable CAD and PLM solutions enables precise engineering and efficient data management.

The use of cloud platforms simplifies access to resources and collaboration. In addition, employee training is crucial.

By adopting a step-by-step digitalization strategy, SMEs can increase their competitiveness and take advantage of the opportunities offered by a connected plant construction environment.

Effective project management in plant construction requires precise planning, clear communication and efficient resource management. A defined project goal, milestones and clear responsibilities are essential for this.

The use of project management tools, BIM software and PLM systems promotes integrated data management and collaboration. Continuous monitoring, early risk identification and flexible adaptation to changes contribute significantly to the success of the project.

Close coordination between team members and clear communication channels are just as crucial as the effective use of digital technologies for transparent, efficient and successful project management in plant construction.

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is important in plant construction as it enables the holistic integration of business processes. By centrally managing resources, finances, supply chains and production data, it optimizes efficiency.

In plant construction, where complex projects and a wide range of tasks are the norm, ERP software enables precise planning, resource allocation and cost control. The availability of real-time data and the automation of processes increase transparency and responsiveness, leading to improved overall performance and competitiveness.

Electrical engineering and plant construction are closely related, especially in industrial and infrastructure projects. There are intersections in the following areas:

  • Power supply in plants
  • Automation and control
  • Instrumentation and measurement technology
  • control technology
  • Building services engineering

Overall, electrical engineering is essential in plant construction as it forms the basis for power supply, controlling, automation and monitoring. The integration of modern technologies strengthens this connection by enabling an even more intelligent and interconnected plant infrastructure.

Industry 4.0 plays a crucial role in plant construction by integrating innovative technologies and concepts for the digitalization and interconnection of production processes. Some key aspects are:

  • Intelligent production systems
  • Connecting components
  • Real-time data and analyses
  • Digital twins
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Cybersecurity

The implementation of Industry 4.0 principles in plant construction leads to more efficient production, higher product quality, better use of resources and an overall increase in the competitiveness of companies in the industry.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is of great importance in plant construction. BIM enables the holistic, digital collection and management of plant information across the entire life cycle.

Through 3D models, data integration and collaboration, BIM improves the planning, construction and maintenance of plants. Increased efficiency, cost control and optimized use of resources make BIM an essential tool for precise and sustainable plant development.

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With our process consulting you understand the challenges, derive possible potentials and decide together for more success.


When executing your project, benefit from our decades of consulting and implementation experience.

Software Development

Do you need individual software development? Cideon offers tailor-made solutions tailored to your processes.


We can provide professional training in English for selected Autodesk software, PRO.FILE, SAP ECTR and more.


Cideon Support offers 24/7 support for your CAD, PDM, PLM environment and ensures long-term security.

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Transform your spare parts sales with Cideon Sparify! Our innovative solution leverages your existing CAD and PDM data to create a digital spare parts catalog for your customers. Simplify the ordering process and increase customer satisfaction with our easy-to-use web application. Discover the advantages of Cideon Sparify today!

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Cideon advises and supports companies in optimizing their product development processes - from conception and engineering to production and service. We stand for:

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Rely on decades of practical experience in system integration and process consulting. Cideon understands your business challenges in digital transformation and supports you with unique solutions along the entire value chain.

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Benefit from customized solutions with Cideon software and interfaces. Integrative, powerful and perfectly tailored to your individual daily business needs.


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Transform your digital requirements into corporate (added) value. We simplify your processes, map them digitally and make them economically viable - across functions and divisions throughout the entire product development process.  

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