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PLM and ERP firmly welded together

Intelligent Workflow from Cologne to Delhi with SAP PLM

Plant Engineering Perfectly Organized with SAP ERP/PLM

More Efficient Dairy Operations with SAP ERP/PLM

Data integration to develop packaging systems more efficiently

The Whole World Under One Umbrella

Condensing Information more effectively

Integrated planning concept for DHL Sorting Center GmbH

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CIDEON Vault Integration for EPLAN enables the intelligent exchange of projects, related documents, part master data and bill of materials information between EPLAN Electric P8 and Autodesk Vault Professional.

With the Interface between AutoCAD and the SAP ECTR, you manage drawings and external references including your dependent documents seamlessly as structures in SAP PLM. Easy assignment of SAP materials to AutoCAD assembly structures and the automatic derivation of multilevel SAP Bill of Materials (BOM) guarantee uniform data structures for all personnel involved in development.

With SAP ECTR Interface to Inventor you manage assemblies, parts and drawings including their dependent documents seamlessly as structures in SAP PLM.

With SAP ECTR Interface to SOLIDWORKS you can seamlessly integrate your SOLIDWORKS product data into SAP PLM.

With SAP ECTR Interface to Solid Edge you seamlessly integrate your SolidEdge product data into SAP PLM.

With SAP ECTR Interface to EPLAN you seamlessly integrate your EPLAN data into SAP PLM.

The CIDEON Conversion Engine for SAP enables complete automation of the generation of neutral and exchange formats.

With the CIDEON CDESKECTR Workshop Packages we make it easy for you to switch from SAP CAD Desktop to SAP ECTR.

The CIDEON SAP Add-Ons are a collection of best practices and integrate efficient, time-saving processing routines to automate your everyday processes.

With the CIDEON SAP S/4HANA Cloud Connector, you can also start SAP functions automatically through SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow transitions.

The CIDEON SAP Backend Update Service supports you with your system upgrade.

With CIDEON Cloud CAD Integration you connect your mechanical design data and structures (assemblies and parts) from cloudbased CAD systems (e.g. Onshape) to the SAP Cloud Platform.

The CIDEON 3DX - SAP Interface is a server solution optimized for stability and data security for the coupling of 3DEXPERIENCE and SAP.

The CIDEON Vault Professional Integration to SAP PLM enables an end-to-end process between Autodesk Vault Professional and SAP PLM.

With CIDEON Support Services you receive well-founded support for questions regarding the installation and use of your CAD, PDM or PLM software.

With CIDEON Managed Services, we take over the ongoing monitoring of your CAD, PDM and PLM software environment and take proactive measures if failures or other problems occur.

With our CIDEON SAP ECTR Add-Ons you raise acceptance by users and also the quality of your data and processes: quickly and for the long term.

With the CIDEON SAP ECTR Interfaceto MicroStation Connect you manage drawings and drawing references including their dependent documents seamlessly as structures in SAP PLM.

The CIDEON Workshops for Mechatronics are standardized consulting methods for MCAD and ECAD. We help you to identify your potentials and to develop an overall solution to master your challenging mechatronic requirements.

CIDEON Conify is a standardized and universally applicable software solution to meet the specific requirements of all configuration processes.

CIDEON BIM4Customer enables machine constructors and system integrators to create BIM concepts by using integrated process consulting and software tools.

The CIDEON Configuration Discovery is our standardized and proven consulting methodology that supports your process requirements along the entire configuration process.

The CIDEON Solution Discovery is our standardized and proven consulting methodology that supportsto make engineering processes transparent, identify potentials and address optimization and digitalization in this environment.

The CIDEON Vault-ERP interface enables automated information sharing during the product development process as well as across the entire product life cycle.