Digital Product Development

Do you want to speed up your product development? Move it into the digital space. With helpful software solutions from the CAD and PDM/PLM area and with networked processes, you can get more out of your products and shorten the time to market. Find out more now!

Software for Digital Product Development

With our help, you can digitally map your product development holistically, from the idea to the prototype. Avoid sources of error and optimize your processes with digital software solutions.

From Digital Product Development to Implementation

Digital product development is the process in which products are conceived, designed and implemented using digital technologies. This includes brainstorming, optimal use of the CAD system, suitable PDM/PLM processes, 3D visualizations and renderings as well as the construction of prototypes.

The approach enables faster time-to-market and continuous adaptation to customer needs through agile development methods. Digital product development is particularly important for mechanical engineering today. But related industries, such as plant engineering, also benefit from digital processes and tools.

Cideon supports you with software, intelligent solutions and services for digital product development. The goal: the realization and use of a digital twin of your plant, machine or complete production.


Challenges in Product Development

In digital product development, the focus is on challenges such as rapid technological development, market uncertainties and complex requirements. Flexibility and innovation management are key to sustainable success.

Increased Production Complexity

Use digitalization to meet the continuously growing complexity in product development. By (digitally) showing modification potentials at an early stage for troubleshooting purposes you can, for example, optimize digital prototypes prior to production.


Shorter Innovation Cycles

Use digitalization to increase efficiency along the entire value chain. Benefit from significantly shorter innovation cycles and associated cost savings, especially by digitalizing product development.


Interdisciplinary Design Approaches

Link design approaches at an early stage, such as digital product development with mechatronic design processes, and integrate all necessary work steps into an interdisciplinary product development process: complete, digital model setups, computations and simulations, visualization and the final virtual commissioning. 

Increasing Data Management

Quick, secure and efficient management of process and product development data. Powerful product data management (PDM) systems open up completely new options for efficient data management. Where production approvals previously involved stamping drawings, modern PDM systems mean having digital processes along the entire product life cycle.

Advantages of Digital Product Development

Digital product development offers decisive advantages for innovation, adaptability and time to market thanks to an agile approach, efficient collaboration and fast iterations.

Accelerated Market Launch

Digital product development shortens the development cycle through automated processes, fast iterations and virtual prototypes. This enables rapid adaptations to market requirements, accelerates production and improves time-to-market.

Efficient Collaboration

Digital product development enables real-time communication, file sharing and project management tools. Teams work together across locations. This improves coordination and shortens communication channels.

Cost Reduction through Virtual Prototypes

Virtual prototypes are used in digital product development as they are more cost-effective than physical models. This reduces material costs, shortens development times and minimizes errors, as changes can be made digitally and more quickly.

Improvements through Agile Methods

Digital product development integrates agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban. This enables flexible project management, continuous improvements through feedback loops, faster adaptations to customer needs and an iterative approach. The result? Dynamic development, improved products and more satisfied customers.

Solutions for Digital Product Development

Based on an individual and holistic view of your challenges, Cideon offers various approaches and solutions to support you in the digitalization of your product development.

Process Consulting

The holistic implementation of new solutions, while adhering to short project times and defined budgets - that is our area of expertise. We offer you solutions and products from a single source with professional service and comprehensive support services.

Autodesk CAD Solutions

Autodesk CAD solutions are professional planning and design tools that can be used to achieve impressive design and manufacturing results, whether as specific, stand-alone software solutions or as product development and factory planning tools combined in a single collection.

PDM and PLM Solutions

With product data management (PDM), you manage technical data to ensure consistency in product development. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) goes beyond this and integrates processes along the entire product lifecycle. Together, both solutions offer various advantages for digital product development.


Digital product development is not only successful with new software solutions. The involvement of your employees is just as relevant. Our training courses - online or at one of our training centers across Germany - focus specifically on this.

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FAQ on Digital Product Development

Digital product development encompasses the holistic digital mapping of the product development process, from the idea to the prototype. This includes the use of CAD and PDM/PLM software solutions as well as networked processes.

CIDEON offers support through software, intelligent solutions and services for digital product development. The aim is to realize and use a digital twin of your plant, machine or production.

Challenges in digital product development include rapid technological development, market uncertainties and complex requirements. Flexibility and innovation management are crucial for sustainable success.

Digitization enables the early display of modification potentials for troubleshooting, which allows optimization of digital prototypes before the start of production.

Digital product development offers decisive advantages, including accelerated time-to-market, efficient collaboration, cost reduction through virtual prototypes and continuous improvement through agile methods.

Thanks to automated processes, rapid iterations and virtual prototypes, digital product development shortens the development cycle, enables rapid adjustments to market requirements and improves time-to-market.

Digital product development enables real-time communication, file sharing and the use of project management tools. This enables cross-location teams to work together more efficiently.

Virtual prototypes are more cost-effective than physical models because they reduce material costs, shorten development times and errors can be rectified more quickly and digitally.

Digital product development integrates agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban, which enables flexible project management, continuous improvements, faster adjustments to customer requirements and an iterative approach.

Collaboration - Optimal Cooperation Along The Entire Product Life Cycle

Ensure that all employees and also external stakeholders can access up-to-date and correct information. With fast and reliable document exchange and efficient management of projects, you can significantly optimize your processes and increase efficiency. 

Learn more about optimized collaboration in mechanical and plant engineering.

More Efficiency in Your CAD Design - With CAD Experience

Utilize the potential of your CAD system and increase your engineering efficiency. CAD Experience means full utilization of CAD functionalities, change stability and traceability.

The basis for this is an adapted design methodology, high-performance assemblies and part reuse. On top of this, calculations and simulations can contribute to a significant increase in design quality.

3D visualization and renderings

You have 3D data, we bring it to life. Whether 3D animated videos, photorealistic renderings or interactive models - for desktop, mobile or web. We make more out of your 3D data and work with you to develop the full potential of your ideas. We are also happy to support you in the further project phases with training and support.

Cideon Conify


Software Solution for a Consistent Configuration Process

Cideon Conify consistently links data from the sales and engineering phases to automatically provide PDM-compliant MCAD and ECAD data of the configured product. This is the basis for the subsequent engineering-to-order and the creation of ERP-specific parts lists, work plans, circuit diagrams and production processes according to customer requirements, so that individual products can be created quickly and in accordance with specifications.

Main advantages:

  • Automate daily tasks when processing configurable products
  • Consistent data quality
  • Ensure uniform standards for everyone involved in the process
  • Combination in a mechatronic parts list

Cideon Conify is the ideal combination of CONnection and CONfiguration!

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Why Cideon?

Cideon advises and supports companies in optimizing their product development processes - from conception and engineering to production and service. We stand for:

Decades of Expertise

Rely on decades of practical experience in system integration and process consulting. Cideon understands your business challenges in digital transformation and supports you with unique solutions along the entire value chain.

Customized Engineering

Benefit from customized solutions with Cideon software and interfaces. Integrative, powerful and perfectly tailored to your individual daily business needs.


End-to-End Process Consulting

Transform your digital requirements into corporate (added) value. We simplify your processes, map them digitally and make them economically viable - across functions and divisions throughout the entire product development process.  

International Cooperation

Trust in a strong group of companies. Cideon is part of the family-owned, globally active Friedhelm Loh Group and is based on the principles of customer-oriented and sustainable corporate management.

Cideon Support

Quality, speed, and reliability in engineering are critical to your success. Comprehensive services are just as important as dedicated specialists and powerful software solutions.

Cideon Support offers you fast and uncomplicated answers to your questions, detailed insights into products and solutions as well as helpful tips and tricks.

Go one step further with Managed Services: With this service, we monitor your CAD/PDM/PLM environment and ensure the long-term operational reliability of your software. This ensures that your systems are always up to date and ready for use, giving you the peace of mind that your software is consistently maintained and optimized.

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