Efficient engineering integration. Cloud-based SAP connection. Maximum work process optimization. The CIDEON interface connects SOLIDWORKS PDM with SAP S/4HANA. Discover the advantages of CIDEON SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP now.

Connecting SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional with SAP

The seamless integration of the CIDEON SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP offers you a wide range of powerful features. These are designed to optimize and simplify your product development. Experience efficient workflows and increase your productivity. Learn more about the wide range of possibilities this interface offers you.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Perfectly Integrated into SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Is your engineering department facing the challenge of realizing a seamless integration with SAP S/4HANA? How can you ensure that your processes run efficiently and error-free? The CIDEON SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP offers the perfect solution.

This innovative technology effortlessly overcomes the barriers between your engineering and the SAP. With our expertise and implementation assistance, we can help you smoothly integrate this interface into your existing workflows. Now is the time to switch to this future-oriented solution and take your workflows to the next level.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is a database-driven PDM system that is fully integrated with Windows Explorer. It enables, in addition to distinctive PDM functionalities, the connection to ERP systems. CIDEON is specialized in the SAP connection of CAD and PDM systems and develops the integration of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud or On-Premise.


Available on SAP Store

The CIDEON SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP is also available in the SAP Store – the digital marketplace for SAP and partner offerings.

Features of the CIDEON SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP

With CIDEON SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP, you can seamlessly link CAD data, PDM structures and SAP ERP. Discover the most important functions of the interface.

Linking ERP With PDM

Connect SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional with SAP ERP for downstream logistics processes.

Integrate Engineering Data

Integrate mechanical engineering data and structures with the SAP Cloud Platform, as well as with On-Premise SAP ERP systems.

Create SAP BOMs

Generate SAP bills of materials simply with a click – according to CAD/PDM assembly structures.

Automatically Using SAP Functions

Start SAP functions automatically using SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow transfers.

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In our video we present the CIDEON SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP. Get to know the most important functions and advantages.

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Advantages of the SOLIDWORKS PDM - SAP Interface

With the CIDEON SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP, you can easily create, display, link and delete SAP products and SAP BOMs for SOLIDWORKS components and parts that are managed in PDM Professional. Find out more about the benefits of the integration:

Simplified Access to SAP Information

The CIDEON integration enables direct display of SAP information in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Perform SAP Business Object Functions with a Mouse Click

Update or create SAP documents, SAP material masters (SAP Products) and SAP bills of materials (SAP BOMs) directly and avoid redundant work.

SAP Material (SAP Product): Simple Creation, Search and Allocation

Browse logistics data visually in SAP ERP and connect it with CAD/PDM components.

SAP Engineering Change Management (SAP ECM)

Use SAP Engineering Change Management (SAP ECM) to ensure consistent change procedures across different systems.

Generate Neutral Formats Automatically in SAP

Forward preview images and neutral formats directly into the SAP system – for SAP ERP users without CAD/PDM application.

Automatic Product Structure Synchronization

Update bills of materials in SAP (SAP BOM) and derive them based on the CAD/PDM structure data. Avoid manual work and reduce the risk of errors.

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Application Areas of the SOLIDWORKS PDM - SAP Interface

With CIDEON SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP, you can simplify the use of engineering data and SAP. Find out more about its use in various application areas:

Product Data Management (PDM)

Efficient management of engineering data, drawings and documentation directly in the powerful SAP S/4HANA cloud platform. This enables smooth data exchange and precise tracking of product information.

Bill of Materials Creation and Management

Seamless integration of SOLIDWORKS BOMs into the SAP platform. This enables detailed and accurate material and resource planning. Changes are updated automatically, ensuring efficient operation.

Engineering Change Management

Fast implementation of changes in engineering data. The interface ensures smooth updating of data in the SAP platform. This enables effective control and documentation of change processes.

Project Management and Controlling

Effectively monitor the progress of engineering projects. The integration of SOLIDWORKS and SAP S/4HANA enables precise tracking of working hours, resource consumption and project costs. This contributes to optimized project control.

Industries for SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP

The CIDEON SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP is used in various industries. Find out how the interface can improve the way you work:

Machine Building

In the machine building industry, the interface enables seamless integration of engineering processes with SAP S/4HANA. This optimizes product development and simplifies product data management.

Plant Construction

For companies in plant construction, the interface offers many advantages. It facilitates the management of bills of materials and enables precise material and resource planning in the SAP platform.

Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, the integration enables efficient implementation of engineering changes and ensures accurate monitoring of project progress, leading to optimized production processes.

FAQ about SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP enables seamless integration, effortlessly transferring engineering data to SAP S/4HANA.

Yes, the SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP supports the efficient management of complex BOMs and assemblies in the SAP platform.

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP enables precise planning by seamlessly integrating SOLIDWORKS BOMs with SAP ERP.

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP ensures smooth updating of engineering data in the SAP platform, enabling fast change processes.

CIDEON provides comprehensive implementation support and expertise to ensure seamless integration with your existing operations.

Yes, the SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP enables efficient collaboration, regardless of teams' geographic locations.

The interface implements proven security standards and encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your engineering data.

CIDEON is continuously working to keep the SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration to SAP up to date and ensure that it is compatible with future software versions.

In addition to engineering integration, the interface also supports efficient project management and precise working time recording.

The interface has established itself as an extremely efficient tool, particularly in machine building, plant construction and the manufacturing industry.


The SAP PLM Tools from CIDEON are helpful utilities with great impact. With the help of CIDEON SAP PLM Tools, you can increase the efficiency of your PLM system and integrate a variety of useful functions. Discover the benefits of the comprehensive SAP PLM add-ons now and expand the functionality of your system.

CIDEON Conversion Engine

The CIDEON Conversion Engine is a tool for the automated conversion of CAD data into various neutral and interchangeable formats. By using the CIDEON Conversion Engine, the automated conversion of your individual file formats is performed. In this way, you benefit from considerable time and quality gains. Discover all the functions and benefits now!

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Your Software Solution for a Consistent Configuration Process


CIDEON Conify consistently links data from the sales and engineering phases to automatically provide PDM-compliant MCAD and ECAD data of the configured product. This is the basis for the subsequent Engineering-to-Order and generation of ERP-specific bill of materials, work schedules, wiring diagrams and production processes according to customer requirements, enabling the creation of individual products quickly and according to specifications.

Core Benefits: 

  • Automation of daily tasks in the processing of configurable products
  • Consistent data quality
  • Ensure consistent standards for all process participants
  • Merging into one mechatronic BOM


CIDEON Conify is the ideal combination of CONnection and CONfiguration!


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