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Find out all about the digital factory and solutions for creating reliable planning and a comprehensive as-built status. We will be happy to advise you on your options for your smart factory!

Turn your Factory into a Smart Factory

The digital factory, also known as “smart factory”, integrates modern technologies to optimize production processes. Automation, connected systems and real-time data enable more efficient manufacturing, quality control and resource utilization, leading to increased productivity. Discover new possibilities around the digital factory now.

Methods for the Digital Factory

Whether planning a new factory or optimizing an existing plant, factory operators face various challenges today, but also have more (digital) options than ever before.

Investing in a digital factory pays off as it increases efficiency, minimizes errors, reduces costs and thus improves competitiveness. Digital solutions simplify the planning, monitoring and control of the production process in particular, but also plant management, which ensures the functionality of machines and systems, as well as occupational safety in general.

With the help of digital factory solutions, operators can test various scenarios in advance, minimize downtimes and improve maintenance processes. This leads to higher productivity, lower costs and a better basis for decision-making for the entire life cycle of the factory, including all machines and installations.

Overall, there is a wide range of digital possibilities to turn your plant into a smart factory. Cideon offers a wide range of services for innovative solutions to support factory and plant operators. With our expertise and technologies, we enable real-time monitoring and efficient operations. We support the implementation of digital twins for optimized production and higher added value. With a holistic view of the data, we integrate buildings, building technology and production systems into a consistent model. Our solutions help factory operators and plant constructors to learn from their data and make informed decisions to continuously improve their operations.

You can rely on our decades of experience in industrial environments. We will be happy to advise you on which solutions are best suited to your individual situation.


Challenges for Factory Operators

Factory operators face a variety of challenges that affect their operations these days. These challenges require a strategic approach and investment in technology, smart resource management and human resource development.

No Current Plans

There is no valid planning basis due to outdated planning documents. In the worst case, data is only available in 2D formats.​ Poor visualization techniques, factory planning, and operations make it difficult to discuss the status of a project and to collaborate effectively.

Slow Processes

Without 3D planning tools and up-to-date planning documents, production is difficult to plan and difficult to adjust. Difficulty coordinating or collaborating with different trades increases planning effort and delays production startup.

Sustainability Targets

Factory operators are faced with the task of aligning production facilities with sustainability and environmental friendliness in order to meet regulatory requirements. Lack of IoT connectivity and inaccurate inventory data make it difficult to monitor and optimize sustainability goals.

Lack of Qualified Staff

Recruiting and keeping qualified employees is crucial for industrial companies. The better the information in the planning process, the less time and personnel need to be utilized. Digital solutions in factory planning and operations therefore counteract the shortage of qualified employees.

A Visualization of the Digital Factory

In order to effectively meet the current challenges facing factory operators and plant constructors, sustainable solutions for the digital factory are essential. In the following illustration, you can see what makes a factory a smart factory.

Solutions for the Digital Factory

Factory operators face complex challenges in a constantly changing industrial landscape. Innovative and digital solutions are crucial for securing and increasing efficiency and competitiveness in the long term and optimizing cooperation with machine building and plant construction companies.

Layout and Factory Planning

How do you schedule production on short notice? Digital layout planning enables precise design of factory layouts with the help of software tools. These enable a virtual simulation of production processes, allowing efficiency increases and resource optimization to be analysed in advance. Create a digital twin of your factory including technical building equipment (TBE), manufacturing equipment and material flow design.

3D Laserscanning

Currently, all you have is a 2D plan of your hall? Quickly capture the current state of your plant and take the first step toward digital transformation. Through precise 3D measurement, a digital image of the physical environment is created. This data serves as the basis for planning modifications or modernizations in order to make the most of space resources and minimize bottlenecks.

3D Visualization and Renderings

How do you present and communicate your factory design? Visualize factories and buildings and use VR applications to improve collaborative project walkthroughs and review meetings, both internally and externally. ​This enables a realistic preview of planned changes or new builds. The visually appealing models not only help with decision-making, but also facilitate communication with stakeholders.

Real-Time Factory Monitoring​

How do you meet CO2 targets and reduce energy costs? Create application-specific dashboards, e.g. for maintenance optimization, and view your plant's sensor data in real time.​ Also view your factory's sensor data in real time so that you can react immediately to deviations and continuously improve processes.

Structured Data Management

Does your planning data lack structure? Manage all your plant design data in a structured, revision-proof manner in your PDM system. This increases the transparency and accountability of your planning processes, optimizes collaboration between departments and improves the efficiency of your production planning.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

How do you bring data from different disciplines together? With the help of digital solutions for your smart factory, data can be consolidated anywhere and at any time. This enables and ensures a seamless data and information flow for project stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Advantages of a Digital Factory

Digitalization offers factory operators a wide range of benefits, from increased efficiency and cost savings to improved production planning and faster response times to meet changing market demands.

Valid Data Base

By taking an accurate inventory and creating a 3D model of the plant, the plant operator has a solid foundation for future decisions and actions.

Improved Efficiency

By digitally capturing and monitoring production processes, bottlenecks and inefficient operations can be identified to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Predictive Maintenance

By continuously monitoring the health of machines and systems, you can identify potential failures early and perform preventive maintenance to minimize downtime.

Better Planning and Simulation

The 3D model and data platform enables the plant operator to efficiently plan, high-quality visualize and simulate production processes, and make layout changes to introduce new products faster without affecting the physical plant.​

Respond to Change Faster

With a model-based approach, real-time data, and analytical tools, the plant operator can respond quickly to changing market conditions, changes in demand, or production issues. This improves the plant's flexibility and adaptability.

Improve Production Quality

Optimizing production processes can reduce defects and improve the quality of manufactured products, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.​

Software for the Digital Factory

Discover software solutions for the optimization of your factory. Create more precise layouts, share your designs with everyone involved in the project and benefit from a better data base.

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FAQ about the Digital Factory

Factory operators are facing global challenges such as supply chain complexity, digital transformation, sustainability goals and a shortage of qualified employees. These require strategic adjustments for competitiveness and sustainability.

A digital factory integrates advanced technologies to optimize production processes. Automation, connectivity and real-time data enable efficient production and resource utilization.

A digitalized factory optimizes production processes through automation, simulation options, data analysis and connectivity. This results in greater efficiency, reduced costs, better planning, improved resource management, faster time to market and increased competitiveness. Real-time data also enables precise decision-making and the promotion of innovation.

Industry 4.0 is central to the digital factory. It integrates intelligent technologies to connect and optimize production processes. This transformation enables more efficient, flexible and adaptable manufacturing processes, promotes innovation and increases competitiveness. Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the way factories work and paving the way for advanced, highly automated production.

The digital twin plays a central role for the digital factory, as it enables a virtual representation of physical systems. This includes real-time monitoring, simulation of processes and precise analyses. Factory operators can increase efficiency, improve maintenance and minimize downtime, resulting in overall optimized production. The digital twin simplifies decision-making and enables proactive adaptation to changes in the real factory environment.

The terms “digital factory” and “smart factory” are often used synonymously, but can have slightly different focuses.

The digital factory emphasizes the integration of digital technologies to optimize production processes, while the smart factory presents a broader context.

A smart factory not only integrates digital technologies, but also uses comprehensive connectivity, real-time data, artificial intelligence and IoT to create a highly autonomous, self-controlling and flexible production environment.

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