Success Story Technotrans Solutions GmbH

Implementing SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR) at technotrans solutions GmbH was an important step towards harmonizing the data-based system landscape within the technotrans Group. Smooth interaction with Cideon ensured successful changeover from the previous PDM and CAD system, as well as the subsequent integration into the existing SAP landscape.

More Efficiency With Fewer Resources

Challenge: Reducing interfaces

Nikolas Ciarella, Head of Business Process Management/IT at technotrans solutions GmbH, explained: “Our parent company technotrans SE has been using SAP for years. The challenge was to integrate ECTR into an existing SAP system landscape that had been developed over time. The project’s initial aim was to quickly replace the existing PDM and CAD systems, at minimal effort, with a state-of-the-art alternative. Integration of the existing Autodesk Inventor and EPLAN data into the PDM system was also required. The plan to use the technotrans Group's existing SAP system meant, however, that the project required a different approach to normal. Daniel Matußek, design engineer and project manager for the implementation project at technotrans solutions GmbH, added: “ECTR implementation was considered a good option because it would help to efficiently harmonize data systems across the entire group of companies,” e.g., by significantly reducing the number of digital interfaces. “That alone would already bring about greater efficiency.”

 [A1]Bitte die Übersetzung dieses Satz nochmal prüfen! Im Deutschen steht nichts von „Systeme benötigten ein Update“ oder ähnliches. Ich verstehe den deutschen Satz mit „neue Rahmenbedingungen“ so, dass die Ausgangsbasis für dieses Projekt etwas anders war als gewohnt, da das bereits bestehende SAP-System von technotrans genutzt werden musste…
Procedure: Key users first, complexity last

The basis for more digital connectivity was established at an early stage, leading to ECTR prototyping process analysis. Actual ECTR implementation started at the beginning of February 2020 with go-live planned for January 2021. To meet the ambitious goals and schedules, two factors were key to success: technical teamwork and communication. To make the transition as smooth as possible, key user training was provided by Cideon. Prior to technical implementation of ECTR, preventive training and measures to enhance compatibility helped to gradually minimize any initial infrastructure complexities.

Cideon service: Agile, cost-effective and high-performance

Customizing the SAP system, installation as well as ECTR configuration on project computers was carried out by Cideon. Cideon process consultants also provided support for all relevant design data migration as well as Cideon PDM Import Tool configuration. Initial data loading, data imports and user training were then successfully implemented by technotrans solutions GmbH. Add-ons for specific customer requirements also needed to be implemented quickly as part of the system changeover.

Customer benefits: Direct data transfer

Data migration for all design data was carried out by Cideon in multiple stages (Alpha, Beta, Charly and Delta) with the help of Autodesk task planning from technotrans solutions GmbH. By generating 3D neutral formats (JT), the company has been able to achieve major progress in production. The automatically generated 3D models are also a much appreciated addition to the manufacturing process. Creating the necessary neutral formats was achieved using in-house developed Inventor iLogic scripts. Approximately 201 GB of data was imported in around 310,000 files. SAP ECTR enables technotrans to integrate all engineering data into SAP PLM and link it with business data – via both cloud and “on premise”. Engineering processes, as well as downstream processes directly integrated into SAP, are also being optimally supported.

„Staying under budget“

ECTR is particularly appealing because of its simple user interface and significantly greater range of functions compared to the systems previously used by technotrans. The new system is also considerably faster. The excellent cooperation between technotrans and Cideon is further evident when comparing budgeted/actual times. “Although a total of 116 working days were budgeted for the changeover, the project was successfully completed in around 93 days,” remarks Ronald Krause, Cideon consultant and project manager. “The rapid implementation of ECTR using Cideon has also had a positive impact on technotrans’ long-term return on investment.”

Technotrans SE

technotrans SE is a globally operating technology and services group. Customized thermal management systems are the company’s core area of expertise. The Group has 17 locations and is present in all major global markets. Its Future Ready 2025 strategy has four key markets: plastics, energy management (including electromobility, high-power charging stations and data centers), healthcare & analytics, and print. The technology company also develops highly specialized cooling and filtration solutions for the laser and machine tools sector. Moreover, technotrans provides customers with a wide range of services. The Group has five production sites in Germany and one production site each in China and the USA. technotrans SE employs more than 1,400 people worldwide. In 2021, the Group generated EUR 211.1 million in turnover.

Ann-Kathrin Fritsche, Customer Success Manager

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