CIDEON Conify - Automated Processes in Mechanical Engineering

Conify software from CIDEON provides efficient data connection and automated PDM-compliant output of configured CAD data.

Conify represents the perfect combination of CONnection and CONfiguration!

Your Software for Configuration Consistency

Benefit from software that connects sales and engineering data and generates configured CAD data for engineering-to-order!

Consistency in configuration depends on connecting data from sales and engineering. Data from product configurators needs be made available for the subsequent steps. Automatically generated, PDM-compliant CAD data is the basis for engineering-to-order and generation of ERP-specific parts lists, work schedules and production processes.


Challenges in Engineering-to-order

Are the following challenges familiar to you in your daily work? Our special software solution for consistent configuration processes provides a solution, makes your daily work easier and increases your competitiveness. 

Avoiding Redundancies

For configurable products, configurations made during the sales phase should be the basis for engineering-to-order. Only then can redundancies and duplicate work steps be avoided and time and costs savings achieved.

Data Volume Complexity

Individualization in product development is creating increasingly large amounts of data. Manually transferring configuration parameters is time-consuming and error prone. Organizing and retrieving data is becoming increasingly difficult. Effective CAD data management is essential.

Increased Time Pressure

Customers expect ever faster delivery times, even for customized products. To meet these expectations and increase efficiency, processing customized orders needs to be faster and simpler.

Daniel Pasing, Customer Success Manager

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Product Features

Conify connects systems – for high-performance mechanical engineering. Conify is the hub in configuration processes, ensuring data consistency.

Standard Structures From Configurators

Conify takes data from configurators and processes it into a standardized structure. This ensures that data from the sales phase is used in all configuration processes – eliminating any data loss.

PDM Compliant Data

CAD data generated by CONify is PDM-compliant and assists effective parts reuse. Data can then be processed by engineering users without any problems, for example, for customized modifications.

Consistent CAD Data

Conify creates native CAD data and transfers it to the PDM system according to the structure, including 2D derivation. All necessary information is available and can be processed instantly without wasting any time.

PLM/ERP Interface for the Latest Data Every Time

A PLM/ERP system interface creates article masters and BOMs. This ensures that data is always correct and dependable – no more duplicate entries and sources of error.

Result: CIDEON Conify

Conify can generate neutral format data when required. Data is accessible and reusable at any time – consistent data for your configuration process.


Discover four good reasons for using the Conify software

Basis for Consistent Configuration Processes

Consistent configuration requires consistent and reliable data. Conify connects systems and ensures that everyone has access to the same data. Project times are then shortened, releasing time for more innovative tasks.

The Right Data for Every Department

Conify ensures no data loss. The software enables data created in sales to be available across all departments – from engineering to purchasing.

Optimized (CAD-)Data Management

Increasingly complex projects are generating ever larger amounts of data. Conify ensures that this data remains organized and retrievable. It is then always correct, reliable and available to everyone involved in order processing.

Significant Time Savings

Connecting different departments and systems eliminates redundant work steps such as time-consuming duplicate data entries and manual matching. Minimizing errors also provides further potential for savings.

CIDEON Configuration Discovery

CIDEON Configuration Discovery is our standardized and proven consulting methodology that supports your process requirements along the entire configuration process. The focus is on identifying your potential based on your current and future desired working methods. Together with you, we develop a targeted overall solution and prepare it in such a way that it can be implemented in your everyday work. 

Scope of Services of the CIDEON Configuration Discovery Workshop

  • Analysis of the current status of your configuration environment along your value chain.
  • Elaboration of possible potentials, future added values and definition of a target state.
  • Accompaniment and illustration with a demo example.
  • Development of a realistic solution structure based on the target picture.
  • Comprehensible presentation of results including definition of the sensible next step.

Your advantages with the CIDEON Configuration Discovery Workshop

Structured approach

We support you with a structured elaboration of a possible target concept.

Optimal collaboration

During the entire CIDEON Configuration Discovery Workshop, your experts are optimally involved so that all your challenges, individual requirements and wishes can be included.

Professional analysis

A comprehensive and professional analysis of your current configuration processes forms the basis. Based on your current status, the target concept is then developed.

Optimal preparation

The joint development of a concept creates optimal conditions for the implementation of the realisation project. With regard to the realisation, possible changes or challenges are already considered in advance.

Time saving

Our experts and yours work closely together in the workshop. Thanks to our implementation know-how, we can guarantee rapid implementation. This saves you valuable time that you can use for your core business. 

Facilitated work

Often the necessary resources are not available to carry out elaborate status analysis. We support you from the current state to the to-be concept to the realization. 

Quality improvement

The development and implementation of a consistent configuration process is complex. To ensure an optimal result, we support you not only in the development, but also in the realization of your implementation project.

Cost savings

Through targeted training and familiarization of your employees with new systems, you can save on expensive employee assignments downstream.

Efficiently connecting sales, engineering and order processing

CIDEON Whitepaper: Configuration Process – Consistent and Forward-Looking

The mechanical and plant engineering sector is facing major challenges. Key reasons are rising cost pressures, growing customer expectations and a major shortage of skilled personnel. Digitalization and its ability to connect different areas is the generally accepted answer to these pressing issues. Maintaining competitiveness and future business success also requires aligning corporate strategy and processes to the increased digitalization.


This white paper highlights the features of variant configuration in mechanical and plant engineering and the opportunities it provides.

CIDEON Support

Quality, speed and reliability in engineering play a crucial role in your success. All-round services are therefore as important as committed specialists and powerful software.

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Managed Services take us one step further: This service enables us to maintain an overview of your CAD/PDM/PLM environment and thus ensure your software's long-term operational reliability. You can then always be sure that your systems are always up to date and operable.


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