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Even today, spare parts management remains relatively analog. Companies often send their customers piles of paper with drawings of spare parts. But who can guarantee that these spare parts are still up to date? Are the models clearly identifiable and distinguishable from each other? With CIDEON Sparify, these questions no longer need to be asked.

How Does CIDEON Sparify Work?

The idea behind CIDEON Sparify is simple: we provide you with an application based on Autodesk Platform Services The idea behind CIDEON Sparify is simple: we provide you with an application based on Autodesk Platform Services that displays your 3D data from the engineering department and information from the PDM system. Your customers can use this application to add the right spare part to their shopping cart and order it directly from your company. Your customers can see the 3D models, including the model number and other metadata, in a user-friendly viewer. This means that the spare part can be clearly defined and quickly selected. The customer experience is significantly improved and incorrect orders are avoided.

CIDEON Sparify can be used by all manufacturers in the machine and plant engineering sector. Regardless of whether you manufacture products in series or serve individual customer requests, the spare parts solution can be easily implemented in both cases.

With CIDEON Sparify, the time-consuming manual maintenance of a spare parts catalog is history. The software solution ensures consistent data availability across multiple systems, creating a single source of truth for spare parts sales.


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Challenges in Spare Parts Management

It can be difficult to create a spare parts catalog that is always up to date and contains specific product data. Do the following challenges sound familiar to you?

High Level of Manual Effort

The creation and maintenance of spare parts catalogs is very time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Outdated Media

Binders with printed drawings of models are no longer up to date. Digital spare parts management is much easier.

Demand for Staff and Expertise

In order to maintain and update the spare parts catalogs, the necessary trained staff must be available.

Features of CIDEON Sparify

CIDEON Sparify offers a wide range of useful features that will significantly simplify your spare parts management. Discover the most important product functions.

Easy Upload of Spare Parts Data

Your spare parts data from the engineering department is simply uploaded from the PDM system to our application. As soon as you make a change, all you have to do is initiate the re-upload and the changes are visible to your customers almost in real time.

3D View of the Spare Parts

Your customers can click on 3D models of your products, choose between different perspectives and see all the important data in one place.

Quick Ordering of Spare Parts

In the application, your customer selects the relevant spare part, places it in the shopping cart and then sends the request to you with just a few clicks.

Customized Configuration Possible

CIDEON Sparify is available in a basic and a professional version. In the second version, we are happy to respond to individual requirements and further develop our application according to your needs.

Advantages of CIDEON Sparify

CIDEON Sparify simplifies the creation and management of your spare parts catalog. You offer your customers an improved buying experience and save resources at the same time.

Modern Appearance

The spare parts are displayed in a modern and user-friendly online application. Your customer can place the spare parts digitally in the shopping cart and order them directly from your company.

Further Use of Data

CIDEON Sparify uses your existing CAD data and metadata from the PDM for the digital spare parts catalog.

Single Source of Truth

With CIDEON Sparify, you avoid duplicate work in the process by connecting a single data source from which all product information and images originate.

Up-to-Date Spare Parts

Thanks to a consistent data quality, duplicates are avoided and the latest version of the spare part is always displayed.

Fast Utilization

Simple installation, configuration and customization allow you to use CIDEON Sparify quickly.

High Potential for Savings

Digital spare parts management saves time and money. You can use your staff more economically and also avoid costs for paper, logistics processes and more.

CIDEON Sparify Simplifies Spare Parts Management

The digital spare parts catalog CIDEON Sparify is filled with your CAD and PDM data via a simple upload and then displays this data in an appealing way for the end customer. The end customer selects the clearly distinguishable spare parts, places them in the shopping cart and sends a request by e-mail. You can then process the order. CIDEON Sparify simplifies spare parts management in your company and the ordering of spare parts by your end customer.

CIDEON Sparify Easily Explained

In our short video you will learn everything you need to know about the CIDEON Sparify spare parts catalog solution.

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FAQ About CIDEON Sparify

The challenges in spare parts sales are diverse. One key issue is the high level of manual effort required to maintain spare parts catalogs. Updating data manually is time-consuming and prone to errors, which can lead to inaccurate information and potentially to delays in delivery.

Another problem is that CAD models are often not transferred from the engineering department to the spare parts catalogs. This leads to inconsistencies and makes it much more difficult to identify and order spare parts.

In addition, many companies still rely on outdated media for spare parts sales. The use of modern technologies such as digital catalogs and online platforms can not only improve user-friendliness, but also facilitate access to information. By implementing these technologies, companies can support their customers more effectively and make spare parts sales more efficient.

CIDEON Sparify is our standardized software solution for the visualization and selection of spare parts in an Autodesk Inventor/Vault environment. It enables you to reuse your CAD models from the engineering process and to visualize them in an appealing way. In addition, the 3D display of the machines and products simplifies the selection of spare parts and supports the inquiry and handling of the spare parts ordering process.

With CIDEON Sparify, your CAD models from the engineering department are reused and made available to your customers in an appealing way. In addition, all required metadata from the PDM system is provided so that your customer can clearly identify the required spare part. Your customer can place the spare part in a shopping cart online and then send a request to you.

CIDEON Sparify simplifies spare parts management for you and your customers.

Your customers can order clearly labeled and distinctive spare parts via our application. The optimal user experience saves your customers time and minimizes incorrect orders. Customer loyalty is strengthened.

The digital spare parts viewer is filled by simply uploading your existing data and 3D models. In order to be able to upload your data and models to the application, an interface to your PDM system, ideally Autodesk Vault, is created. All information on spare parts is maintained there. This creates a standardized data source and reduces the maintenance effort.

CIDEON Sparify is based on the Autodesk Platform Services (APS). APS is a collection of cloud-based services for agile product development. The cloud solution combines a variety of APIs and services that can be used to develop, adapt and extend individual applications. Above all, the Autodesk Platform Services offer a basic framework on which software developers can create their own applications.

This is how CIDEON Sparify was created. The Viewer API of Autodesk Platform Services was used as a basic framework. We used this interface to develop our spare parts viewer, having previously worked with the interface in customer projects and experienced positive results.

The end user of the solution only needs an internet-enabled device, an up-to-date internet browser and a mail client to submit an offer request. The supplier of the spare parts obviously needs the corresponding CAD model in its original or neutral format and the spare part data, such as spare part identifiers and other descriptive data. This can be stored in a PDM system, such as Autodesk Vault Professional 2023 or more recent versions. However, we also support many other systems as part of a customer solution. An identity provider in accordance with the OpenID Connect standard is also required - the most common solution is an MS Entra Active Directory.

The exploded view in the 3D viewer only displays the data that is necessary for the clear identification of the spare part. During development, we have taken all possible measures to protect your know-how in CIDEON Sparify, so the uploaded models are deleted again after a conversion process. Of course, you can also use simplified models that you have prepared using your CAD technology.

Yes, this is generally possible. In addition to CAD and PDM data, CIDEON Sparify can also be filled with metadata from other systems.

Yes, CIDEON Sparify can be configured for different languages. By default, the languages German and English are available. It is also possible to use multilingual spare parts data.

CIDEON Sparify is filled with your CAD data and metadata. Once you have made changes, the upload to CIDEON Sparify can be started again at any time to update the data. The upload can also be integrated into an automatic process as part of a customer solution.

Firstly, the security of CIDEON Sparify is guaranteed by the identity provider in accordance with the OpenID Connect standard. The solution is based on Autodesk Platform Services with the corresponding data conversion in the background. The data is hosted via the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

Your digital spare parts catalog with CIDEON Sparify

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