CIDEON Consulting

Fully exploit the potential of your systems.

CAD, CAM, PLM, PDM & Industry Consulting

CIDEON Consulting means optimized and short project turnaround times while remaining within budget right up to going live. 

Why CIDEON Consulting

CIDEON, as a Platinum Partner of SAP and Autodesk, can look back on decades of experience in consulting and implementing PDM/PLM/CAD solutions. After a successful go-live, you can continue to rely on us for support. CIDEON delivers competent consulting expertise for any of specific requirement:

Individual PLM Project Approach

Customer-focused, demand-driven project approaches and deployment methodologies (agile, blueprint, fixed price, etc.).

Years of Consulting Expertise

Many years of consulting expertise and in-depth process knowledge from a large number of internationally successful SAP PLM projects.

Secured Product Development

Close cooperation with product development and support for high-performance products and services in line with current market requirements as well as investment protection. 

Increasing Engineering Performance

Utilize the power of your engineering software and integrate it seamlessly into your engineering process.

Optimized Product Development

Extensive services for fast and targeted design processes, geared to core product development tasks.

360 Degree Support

360-degree support in selecting, implementing and using appropriate CAD software from Autodesk, as well as for handling data generated in the design process (PDM).


CIDEON implementation: Holistic implementation of new solutions - perfectly integrated into your prevailing system landscape. Trust in our decades of experience in the implementation of product software through to complex data management solutions as well as in our proven cooperation with our system partners.

Fields of Application

Our Expertise


CIDEON PDM/PLM Consulting is primarily aimed at document management, article and bills of material management, change processes, filing structures, naming, classifications and additional search criteria. Experience standardized procedures, checklists and predefined implementation modules for yourself. Uniform implementation systems and their complete documentation are equally crucial for future further development and support. 


CIDEON SAP PLM Consulting provides support on integrating product lifecycle management (PLM) with SAP. Benefit from 360 degree support based on proven process expertise and decades of CIDEON project experience. Optimize your business processes by effectively applying SAP PLM standard functions, CIDEON applications and customer or project specific extensions (PSE). 


CIDEON CAD Consulting increases efficiency in the development and design phases. Gain advantages in day-to-day business with appropriate CAD software support. Benefit from transparent and efficient processes in engineering – ranging from design and construction to the visualization and management of product data.


With CIDEON CAM Consulting you increase quality and output in production. Obtain advantages in day-to-day business with the right software support in CAM. As a certified Autodeks MAKE partner, we advise you on the implementation of highly automated CAM solutions and the integration of these in upstream and downstream processes.



Process Consulting

CIDEON process consulting has an eye on the optimal interaction of employees, processes and the tools used - and that along the entire product life cycle. Together we examine, evaluate and optimize your current business processes in engineering as well as the communication between the departments involved, the work teams and, if necessary, external project participants. With CIDEON process consulting you understand the challenges, derive possible potential and decide together for more success.

Our Added Values

CIDEON advises and supports companies in optimizing their product development processes - from conception and engineering to manufacturing and service. We stand for:

Decades of Expertise

Rely on decades of practical knowledge in system integration and process consulting. CIDEON understands your business challenges in digital transformation and supports you with unique solutions along the entire value chain.

Customized Engineering

Benefit from customized solutions with CIDEON software and interfaces. Integrative, powerful and perfectly tailored to your individual requirements in day-to-day business.


End-to-End Process Consulting

Transform your digital requirements into corporate (added) value. We simplify your processes, map them digitally and make them economically viable - across functions and divisions throughout the entire product development process.  

International Cooperation

Place your trust in a strong group of companies. CIDEON is part of the family-run, globally active Friedhelm Loh Group and is guided by the principles of customer-focused and sustainable corporate management. 

Our Solutions

Autodesk Solutions

Improve and accelerate your design and development with Autodesk. Rely on more than ten million professional users in 185 countries who use Autodesk products for 3D design, construction, planning and visualization every day. CIDEON advises and supports you as an Autodesk Platinum Partner. 


CIDEON Interfaces

The CIDEON interfaces access ERP, PLM, PDM and CAD systems and prepare all data for you in a clear manner. For example, you can merge CAD or ECAD data with SAP or Vault. Automatic synchronization of the information and central backup prevent duplicates and incorrect entries.  


PROCAD Solutions

PROCAD solutions digitize your product lifecycle management (PLM) and technical document management (DMStec) with a configuration-based agile implementation approach.



SAP Solutions

SAP stands for end-to-end solutions along the entire value chain. As an SAP Platinum Partner, CIDEON designs and implements suitable solutions for you along the entire value chain.



CIDEON Support

Quality, speed and reliability in engineering play a crucial role in your success. All-round services are therefore as important as committed specialists and powerful software.

CIDEON Support gives you quick and easy answers to your questions, detailed information about products and solutions, and helpful tips and tricks.

Managed Services take us one step further: This service enables us to maintain an overview of your CAD/PDM/PLM environment and thus ensure your software's long-term operational reliability. You can then always be sure that your systems are always up to date and operable.


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