CIDEON Support

Fully exploit the potential of your systems.

CIDEON Support

Experience a new dimension in service with CIDEON. Benefit from the range of CIDEON support services up to the fully comprehensive managed service.

Fully Exploit the Potential of Your Systems

Use CIDEON Support to get quick and easy answers to your questions, detailed information about products and solutions, and helpful tips and tricks. With its Managed Services, CIDEON goes one step further: we continuously review your CAD/PDM/PLM environment to ensure the long-term operational reliability of your software.

CIDEON Support means:

  • Reliable running systems, minimal downtimes
  • Access to experts for your systems
  • Service and response times tailored to your needs
  • Single point of contact
  • Reduced stress for your IT department

CIDEON Premium Support

Rectifying problems quickly and easily 24/7

Business data has top priority – unrestricted operability and availability of your CAD/PDM/PLM solution are therefore vital. Your success depends on the quality, speed and, above all, reliability of the system you use, regardless of whether its SAP PLM, Autodesk Vault, PROCAD PRO.FILE or any other system.

CIDEON Premium Support provides support for your CAD/PDM/PLM environment and ensures long-term operational reliability for software systems. You will get answers to your questions, support for daily use and helpful tips and tricks – quickly and simply.


Why do I always get this error? Why can't I get this service pack installed?

CIDEON Premium Support helps you find quick answers and solutions. It includes a variety of services for your CAD/PDM/PLM environment in the product environment of Autodesk, PRO.CAD, SAPL PLM as well as CIDEON and 3rd party manufacturers (manufacturer independent). 


Benefits of Premium Support:

  • 24/7 ticket creation and ticket monitoring (CIDEON Service Portal)
  • Excellent availability of system and application specialists
  • Fast response times
  • Support in German and English
  • Problem analysis using actual customer data
  • Dispatch of checklists for preparing installations and configurations
  • Proactive service such as recommendations for practical CIDEON training sourses or useful software adaptations and configurations
  • Remote service
  • and much more

CIDEON Product Support

For products from CIDEON and SAP PLM

CIDEON provides SAP-based software solutions that address the three key challenges of the modern data age: outstanding performance, optimized value creation and full functionality. CIDEON Product Support guarantees you get these for your routine day-to-day business operations.


CIDEON Product Support is available to all customers concluding a maintenance contract, including the option to use the CIDEON Service Portal. Using the SAP Solution Manager, the latest web-based technology, support messages can be created independently in a simple and intuitive way and sent directly to the right place. Benefit from comprehensive support for CIDEON products for SAP PLM. Ongoing software maintenance, regular product releases and rapid assistance with support queries guarantee competent support and maximum customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Product Support:

  • Always the latest software
  • Quick help in the event of problems

CIDEON Service Portal

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CIDEON Emergency Support

For products and solutions from Autodesk, PROCAD, SAPL PLM and CIDEON

Failures and problems are not only annoying, they cost time, money and in the worst case even your reputation. In order to be able to react promptly to failures and problems in your CAD, PDM/PLM environment, CIDEON offers an emergency support. We provide uncomplicated and pragmatic support by telephone and remotely.


The CIDEON Emergency Support is available to you in case of acute problems concerning Autodesk CAD, Autodesk PDM, PRO.FILE, SAP PLM as well as CIDEON software. Our experts have comprehensive know-how of all software solutions and the interfaces used. A direct exchange with the manufacturer, close cooperation with CIDEON Consulting as well as state-of-the-art remote technology promise fast help. In this way you remain permanently capable of working.


Benefits of Emergency Support:

  • We get your system up and running again as quickly as possible.
  • Delays in delivery and threatening contractual penalties are avoided.
  • No downtime in adjacent departments, e.g. production.

After contacting us via the web form, we will contact you by phone within 30 minutes (during CIDEON service hours, Mon-Fri, 08:00 - 17:00) and analyze (free of charge) together with you whether we can help.

CIDEON Managed Service

For products and solutions from Autodesk, PROCAD, CIDEON and SAPL PLM

CIDEON provides its own SAP-based software solutions as well as the latest CAD and PDM technologies from Autodesk and PROCAD. The focus is always on unrestricted operability thus ensuring availability of the relevant business data. CIDEON Emergency Support assists with administrative activities, system and user support and data recovery.


CIDEON Emergency Support is available to you in the event of interaction problems between different software products. Our experts have extensive know-how on all software solutions and the interfaces used. Direct contact with the manufacturer, close cooperation with CIDEON Consulting and state-of-the-art remote technology mean rapid assistance. You then remain operational at all times.


Benefits of Managed Services:

  • Operational reliability
  • Reduced stress for IT departments

CIDEON Services


CIDEON Consulting means optimized and short project turn-around times while remaining within budget right up to going live.

Process Consulting

With our process consulting you understand the challenges, derive possible potentials and decide together for more success.


When executing your project, benefit from our decades of consulting and implementation experience.


CIDEON Trainings offer a wide range of practice-oriented trainings in different formats on topics like CAD, PDM, BIM and more.

Software Development

Do your require customized software development? CIDEON provides customized solutions tailored to your processes.


CIDEON Support provides 24/7 support for your CAD, PDM, PLM environment and ensures long-term.

Our Solutions

Autodesk Solutions

Improve and accelerate your design and development with Autodesk. Rely on more than ten million professional users in 185 countries who use Autodesk products for 3D design, construction, planning and visualization every day. CIDEON advises and supports you as an Autodesk Platinum Partner. 


CIDEON Interfaces

The CIDEON interfaces access ERP, PLM, PDM and CAD systems and prepare all data for you in a clear manner. For example, you can merge CAD or ECAD data with SAP or Vault. Automatic synchronization of the information and central backup prevent duplicates and incorrect entries.  


PROCAD Solutions

PROCAD solutions digitize your product lifecycle management (PLM) and technical document management (DMStec) with a configuration-based agile implementation approach.



SAP Solutions

SAP stands for end-to-end solutions along the entire value chain. As an SAP Platinum Partner, CIDEON designs and implements suitable solutions for you along the entire value chain.




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