Autodesk Recap Pro

Connecting real and digital worlds

Autodesk Recap Pro

Use Autodesk ReCap Pro to connect real-world and digital projects. Use the software to virtually recreate professional 3D models using only imported photos or scans.

Autodesk Recap Pro

Connecting real and digital worlds

Use ReCap Pro to get point cloud and mesh support for your Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes and collaborate across teams on new designs – easily, effortlessly and true to reality.


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Areas of Application

Create 3D models with ReCap Pro and simplify planning and downstream processes. 

Survey 3D Models

Use ReCap Pro reality capture software for accurate, survey-grade 3D models. Process drone photos of actual terrain conditions and objects for better visualizations.

Optimize Workflows for 3D

Create new solutions by quickly and easily integrating reality-based 3D data into your design and construction.

Product Features

Cloud-Based Display of 3D Images

Use ReCap Photo for advanced photogrammetry. Determine the position and shape of the selected object using non-contact measurement methods and procedures for evaluation. Also use ReCap Pro to measure and edit point clouds. Then create videos to present the results of your work.

Capturing Reality Using Laser

Use laser to capture reality. Use a variety of scan settings and the integrated surface snap function to measure individual distances. Enhance digital panoramas and integrate Navisworks data.

Realistic Display of Images and Aerial Photos

Use ReCap Pro to create 3D meshes, 3D point clouds and 2.5D orthoviews of aerial imagery, and then define ground control points (GPCs).


Use ReCap Pro scanning software to quickly capture, plan and create your construction projects. Find out more about how to do the following in construction projects: 

Three-Dimensional Capture

Speed up your project by capturing all existing conditions on site via drone camera or 3D laser scanner in just a few hours rather than several days. 

Realistic Calculations

The fully-automated Autodesk ReCap Pro captures, cleans and analyzes scanned data. Create up-to-date, high-resolution and precision 3D models of construction sites. 

Realistic Creation

ReCap Pro reality capture software enables you to solely work with up-to-the-minute data and information. Guarantee the success of your projects.  

Our Added Values

CIDEON advises and supports companies in optimizing their product development processes - from conception and engineering to manufacturing and service. We stand for:

Decades of Expertise

Rely on decades of practical knowledge in system integration and process consulting. CIDEON understands your business challenges in digital transformation and supports you with unique solutions along the entire value chain.

Customized Engineering

Benefit from customized solutions with CIDEON software and interfaces. Integrative, powerful and perfectly tailored to your individual requirements in day-to-day business.


End-to-End Process Consulting

Transform your digital requirements into corporate (added) value. We simplify your processes, map them digitally and make them economically viable - across functions and divisions throughout the entire product development process.  

International Cooperation

Place your trust in a strong group of companies. CIDEON is part of the family-run, globally active Friedhelm Loh Group and is guided by the principles of customer-focused and sustainable corporate management. 

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