Autodesk Navisworks for your BIM project

Navisworks is a software for model checking. With the extensive simulation tools, you can improve your BIM project by implementing professional workflows and construction methods. And always safely, as collision or design conflicts are displayed at an early stage.

Visualize and standardize planning and construction data with Autodesk Navisworks

Autodesk Navisworks is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that integrates 3D models from different disciplines. It enables collaboration, simulation and analysis of construction projects, improves collaboration and optimizes the construction process. Navisworks helps construction professionals to identify conflicts, facilitate communication and increase efficiency throughout the entire construction life cycle.

With Autodesk Navisworks, you retain control of your construction project at every stage. Check your plans, simulate new approaches and use the photorealistic representation of your designs for your perfect presentation. Navisworks is available in two versions:

Autodesk Navisworks Simulate allows you to check models in three dimensions and integrate even large data sets into a central coordinate model. With 5D analysis and the wide range of simulation functions, you can achieve perfect construction planning at all times, including the associated construction site logistics and safety planning. Use the extended options for optimized collaboration between all project participants, for example by checking and adapting designs simultaneously.

Autodesk Navisworks Manage bundles a variety of powerful tools for the planning, simulation and validation of BIM projects. Reduce errors and potential risks at an early stage - even in projects with spatial complexity. In addition to simulating, analyzing and quantifying projects, Navisworks Manage enables easy integration and seamless further processing with the Autodesk Construction Cloud and Revit.


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Autodesk Navisworks use cases

Master complex BIM projects with Autodesk Navisworks Manage. Use a shared database with your project partners and service providers and keep track of the progress of your project at all times:

Collision check

Use Autodesk Navisworks to automatically detect conflicts in the planning data of all parties involved. If, for example, a breakthrough for a pipeline is missing, the software recognizes this. The respective construction partner is notified - via an automatically generated report. 

Cost Calculation

Use Autodesk Navisworks to precisely calculate your quantities and the associated costs. Use all available data, such as simple 2D floor plans and complex BIM models. 


Fully simulate the progress of your project. Use the results and check the construction progress over time in Autodesk Navisworks.

Autodesk Navisworks Product Features

Coordinate BIM Models

Benefit from BIM coordination with other Autodesk products and edit Navisworks files, for example, in AutoCAD, Revit and ReCap.


Use Naviswork Manage to detect collisions early on and align your models correctly.


Open and edit a variety of CAD file formats in a single, integrated application.

Check BIM Models

Merge design and building data into one model.


Link animated model objects to your building plans to create high-quality project simulations.


Merge data across teams and review models in real time.

Simulate and Analyze BIM Models

Simulate your project in 5D and save time and money.


Create impressive 3D renderings and images.


Add color to your project models and create more clarity on the progress of the entire project.


Present and Qualify BIM Projects

Use cloud rendering to manage your project via the cloud.  


Inspect your project during construction and integrate point clouds.


Use 2D and 3D measurements to quantify your model instead of having to perform manual calculations. 

Your advantages with Autodesk Navisworks

Reduce your construction costs and solve complex challenges in your project and construction planning with BIM and Autodesk Navisworks. See the other benefits for yourself: 

Simplify Cooperation

Simplify collaboration between all involved teams. Share views with all participants and quickly and simply exchange data on an open 3D model. 

Optimize Results

Easily optimize results, even without in-depth CAD skills. Use tools to measure, markup, comment and visualize your project in real time.  

Perfect Representations

Perfect presentations and show off your project in the best possible way. Early-stage simulation of time and planning processes as well as potential collisions. You can then create error-free designs and present them in the shortest possible time at the "push of a button".

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