Optimize Spare Parts Management with CIDEON Sparify

New solution for spare parts sales from CIDEON

New Web Application: CIDEON Sparify

A new Approach to Spare Parts Management

Creating spare part catalogs is a complex task. It requires careful planning, efficient data management systems and continuous updates. The new cloud-based web application CIDEON Sparify simplifies this process. In the online catalog, spare parts are visualized in 3D and are therefore easily selectable for end customers. Full data consistency is the key: CAD models from the engineering department and data from the PDM system can be easily integrated.

Gräfelfing, January 23, 2024 - Providing customers with spare parts is a challenging task. Traditionally, different departments, such as engineering and customer service, and sometimes redundant systems are involved in the process. This makes data maintenance difficicult. With CIDEON Sparify, this process is simplified and standardized.

Spare Parts Management Made "Easy"

CIDEON Sparify - developed on the foundation of Autodesk Platform Services - uses the CAD models of the engineering as well as PDM data (if available) and visualizes them in an online spare parts catalog. The 3D representation in the spare parts viewer simplifies the selection process for the end customer. But there's more: if required, the order process can also be automated. Rolf Lisse, Managing Director of CIDEON, explains: "A lot of information is already available in the PDM system, such as the order number of a spare part. Based on the CAD data, a 3D viewer display of the product is then created, in which the end customer can directly select the spare parts they need." Access is provided via a web link or an iFrame integration on the company's website. Thanks to the simple user guidance and clear labelling, incorrect orders can be minimized from the very beginning.

Flexible use With or Without PDM

CIDEON Sparify is now available in two versions: The basic solution is used in cases in which companies have already classified spare parts in the PDM system (preferably Autodesk Vault). The existing spare parts information can be uploaded into the new web application. However, if the structures have to be set up first, the professional solution of CIDEON Sparify is used. With the help of CIDEON consultants, CAD and PDM data is first merged into a single source of truth and then uploaded to the spare parts viewer. Therefore, existing data can be re-used centrally and without any intermediate steps. If required, the software can be individually expanded - for example to include automated order processing.

The Advantages of CIDEON Sparify at a Glance:

  • Reduced manual catalog maintenance 
  • No redundant work
  • Smooth transfer of CAD models from the engineering department
  • Transfer of important meta data from the PDM system
  • Modern medium for spare parts distribution
  • Simple change processes for updates
  • Reduced workload for the spare parts department

This significantly reduces the workload for suppliers. The change process is clearly defined and linked to the engineering model. If the model is modified, the upload simply has to be restarted. The new, updated model is therefore always available in the application in almost real time.

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The 3D visualization of machines and products in the spare parts viewer simplifies the selection of the required spare parts.

Models and data are uploaded directly from Autodesk Vault into the spare parts viewer.

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