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We help you to get more out of your 3D data. Discover more about how 3D visualization software can help you improve your architectural visualizations!

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Get more out of your 3D data by using CIDEON's 3D visualization and rendering to unleash the full potential of your designs and planning. 

3D Visualizations And Architectural Renderings - Discover Possibilities And Software Now

So you have 3D data that you want to use not only for the development and planning of your projects, but also to showcase them perfectly for a subsequent presentation? Whether 3D animation video, photorealistic renderings or interactive models - no matter whether for desktop or mobile. We help you unlock the full potential of your ideas and get more out of your 3D data. We are also happy to support you in the further project phases with training and support.


Challenges in The Visualization of 3D Data


Products and solutions increasingly require individual tailoring to customer needs. Meet these new challenges with visualizations – in 3D as well as 2D. Instantly respond to changing circumstances with simple and easy-to-implement variants.



Cost Efficiency

Budgets are having to be spread across an ever-increasing number of projects – and with ever-shorter implementation times. Use, for example, professional rendering to address these issues in the early stages of development. Photo-realistic images or realistic 3D animations allow you to perfectly match digital prototypes and digital twins to your needs. 


Complex Know-how

The complexity of knowledge in professional environments is continuously increasing. To efficiently share knowledge, make use of immersive learning – the combination of digital technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Convey complex content and processes using VR and avoid implementation errors by augmenting reality with digital content in advance. 

Digital Experience / Immersive Connectivity

Continuous brand presence is today no longer sufficient. Use "Digital Experience" to make brands, products and, particularly, solutions virtual and "tangible" and thereby capable of being experienced. Use gamification ideas as a guide for immersive marketing and inspire potential customers with game-like, unique concepts. 



Possibilities For 3D Visualization of Your Data

We always consider your requirements on an individual basis and in an all-round context. We work with you to develop different approaches and solutions to give your ideas and projects an even "sharper" profile. 

Visualization/3D Animation/3D Configuration

Use 3D visualizations, animations and configurators to enhance the emotional product experience while also reducing complexity – especially in advanced (technical) projects. We will be happy to support you with: 

  • - Technical animations (processes, instructions) 
  • - Visualizations in 3D (plants, buildings, advertising purposes,...) 
  • - Configurators (3D, 2D)

AR/VR/3D Interaction

Extend reality with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). For example, use AR to get completely new insights into existing or newly created plant and machinery. Use virtual models to practice procedures and processes. Use exploratory forms of interaction to make multi-layered processes "crystal clear". An excerpt from our portfolio: 

  • - Interactive application
  • - Multi-touch applications (desktop/mobile apps) 
  • - interactive 3D models (web), VR und AR (web) 
  • - virtual 3D exhibition booths
  • - Rendered 3D panoramas for virtual tours

Rendering / Image Optimization

Pictures say more than a thousand words – this applies all the more when presenting your planned machinery or plant in a realistic way. Use professional 3D rendering to present your ideas in the best light. Optimize existing images or videos, for example, by professional post-processing to add new ideas and designs. Find out more about our expertise in:

  • - Rendering
  • - Post-processing / Optimizing images
  • - Post-processing / Optimizing audio
  • - Post-processing / Optimizing video, compositing

3D-Visualization in Action

Advantages of 3D Product Visualizations And Renderings

Lower Costs

Visualization and rendering save you time and money by not only accelerating product development, but also training and education along your entire value chain.

More Efficient Planning

Plan more efficiently and benefit from visualized data early on. You can then design and realize rapid (digital) prototyping and digital twins. This enables you to identify potential at an early stage and implement your ideas even more efficiently. 

Reduction of Expensive Rework

Through better planning and visualization of data, you can avoid expensive rework in the run of the project. Overall, project quality increases.

Better Products and Marketing

Improve product development and marketing. Identify optimization and improvements at an early stage using VR and AR and impress potential customers with virtual, "tangible" product benefits. 

Faster Time-to-Market

Use visualized data for a faster time-to-market. Achieve shorter development times using informative rendering and visualization and gain time over your competitors.

More Satisfied Customers

By using VR and AR, your projects can be presented in an ideal way. This allows you to create a more emotional experience for your customers and therefore make the project something they can experience.

Rene Schulz, Customer Success Manager

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Our Added Values

Cideon advises and supports companies in optimizing their product development processes - from conception and engineering to production and service. We stand for:

Decades of Expertise

Rely on decades of practical experience in system integration and process consulting. Cideon understands your business challenges in digital transformation and supports you with unique solutions along the entire value chain.

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Benefit from customized solutions with Cideon software and interfaces. Integrative, powerful and perfectly tailored to your individual daily business needs.


End-to-End Process Consulting

Transform your digital requirements into corporate (added) value. We simplify your processes, map them digitally and make them economically viable - across functions and divisions throughout the entire product development process.  

International Cooperation

Trust in a strong group of companies. Cideon is part of the family-owned, globally active Friedhelm Loh Group and is based on the principles of customer-oriented and sustainable corporate management.

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Transform your spare parts sales with Cideon Sparify! Our innovative solution leverages your existing CAD and PDM data to create a digital spare parts catalog for your customers. Simplify the ordering process and increase customer satisfaction with our easy-to-use web application. Discover the advantages of Cideon Sparify today!

Process Consulting

Within the context of CIDEON process consulting, we will work together on your current challenges and identify possible potentials. We address your individual needs and support you in the implementation of new projects. Our value proposition: optimised and short project runtimes in compliance with the defined budgets until go-live.


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