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Issue 01/2017: "Right On Track!"

In Focus: Set Sail!
Centuries ago, brave explorers such as James Cook and Christopher Columbus set out to discover new worlds. A new era is dawning once again. Let´s take a look together at the fascinating opportunities that industrial manufacturing has to offer.

Further Topics:
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  • The Breakthrough
    Cideon has created a stable bridge for seamless data exchange with the 3DX xPDM-SAP interface
  • Showdown in Sinsheim
    The leading topic for the 2016 Cideon Management Conference: Challange for the Future
  • First Place for Automation
    Changing from traditional to automated working methods holds significant potential for savings
  • And much more...
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Friedhelm Loh Group

Acquisition of CIDEON AG 
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Dr. Friedhelm Loh,
CEO of the Friedhelm Loh Group.


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