Change in Management at CIDEON Software

August 2014: Change in Management at CIDEON Software

At his own request, Lenz Finster will be withdrawing for private reasons and completing his duties as the managing director of the companies CIDEON HOLDING and CIDEON SOFTWARE in December 2014.

As a founder of the CIDEON Group, Lenz Finster has developed the company together with the former members of the board with great success during the past 24 years and as the chairman of the board from 2002 until its integration into the Friedhelm Loh Group last year.

Clemens Voegele

has been nominated as his operative successor at CIDEON SOFTWARE. He will be leading the CIDEON Group strategically together with Maximilian Brandl as the person in charge of the holding. In the past years Clemens Voegele, another founder of the CIDEON Group and a fellow board director along with Lenz Finster, has primarily been managing the two business divisions CIDEON Systems and CIDEON Engineering.

To ensure a smooth transition, Lenz Finster will be lending Clemens Voegele his support during a transition period until Clemens Voegele has completely taken over the operative tasks.

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